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Shopee Food is a mobile app made by a Singaporean technological e-commerce transnational named Shopee in 2021. As a phone program, Shopee Food allows its customers to order foodstuffs delivery from stores and restaurants. Now it has a total audience of several million users located in Asia, the Americas, and Europe. The software is available free on IOS and Android.

Meaning and history

Shopee Food started in the summer of 2021 as a platform assisting people in buying foods online and ordering a house delivery. Its parent organization, Shopee, appeared in 2015 and has quickly grown into a large technological retail company in the Asian area.

In less than a year, Shopee Food marketers established cooperation with hundreds of grocery shops, lunchrooms, and cafes in Asia, Europe, and the Americas and attracted several million clients. During the marketing campaigns of its app, Shopee collaborated with many singers and celebrities, working for them as brand ambassadors.

What is Shopee Food?
Shoppe Food is a platform, meant to help people buy foods online and order a house delivery. The brand works with many eateries, restaurants, and food stores in Asia, North and South America, and Europe. It was launched in 2021 by a Singaporean transnational online retail company, Shopee.

2021 – today

Shopee Food Logo

The Shopee Food brand logotype depicts a pack with a fork and a spoon drawn on it and pointed vertically to the top. This image stands aside from the brand name, written in a two-line inscription having two different scripts.


Shopee Food Emblem

The software’s brand identity follows the color code used by Shopee Company. It utilizes red to show the name and bag, and white for the background and kitchen tools. Due to the thought-out color setup, the Shopee Food brand insignia looks welcoming and charming, highlighting both the app’s function – assisting in the eats delivery – and making a visual connection to the parent company.


Shopee Food Symbol

The nameplate is performed in two scripts. They are both sans-serif and have a regular case with small intervals between characters. The difference is that the font chosen for the word ‘food’ is bolder than the one used to write  ‘Shopee’.