State Farm Logo

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What is State Farm Logo

State Farm is one of those giant American insurance companies that operate all over the country and provide financial support for all sorts of problems (at least, theoretically). There are many insurance firms inside the Farm, and most of them favor car insurance over stuff like health or home insurances.

Meaning and History

State Farm Logo history

State Farm entered business in 1922, making it one of the oldest and most distinguished car insurance conglomerates. They were always a collection of businesses – that’s how they were born, although it’s unclear what the name is supposed to imply. Regardless of that, they are still very much in operation.

1922 – 1943

State Farm Logo-1922

The initial logo was an old-fashioned black-and-white emblem that featured an oval with an old twenties’ car depicted on it. Around it were written things like ‘safety’, ‘economy’ and other concepts meant to inspire the customers.

This part was encircled into another, smaller oval. The little space that was left between the two boundaries was filled with the company info: the company name on top (State Farm Mutual Auto Ins. Co.) and the location (Bloomington, Ill.) on the bottom). Everything was written in a plain orderly type.

1943 – 1953

State Farm Logo-1943

The 1943 logo wasn’t as much a logo as a promotional booklet. They used the then-official name of ‘State Farm Insurance Companies’ with some additional details along the lines of the previous logo. But hey, this was the first instance of them fully using the three ovals image that became iconic later on.

This was probably their way of coping with financial difficulties, but we’ll never know.

1953 – 2006

State Farm Logo-1953

The 1953 logo was iconic and persisted for many years to come. They stacked three red ovals together (two below, one on top) and wrote the words in white cursive on them. They said ‘Auto’, ‘Life’ and ‘Fire’ – one thing per oval, with ‘auto’ being on top, as it apparently was their favorite.

They also put the company name ‘State Farm Insurance’ inside the logo by putting the first two words above the main emblem, and the last one below it – all in red. Then they conveniently surrounded the entire structure with a rounded square form, also in red.

2006 – 2012

State Farm Logo-2006

This design was largely the same thing, but in addition to all the previous details they also added the words ‘State Farm’ in large red letters immediately to the right of the main image. They didn’t realize that it makes the smaller nuances inside the emblem proper obsolete until 2012.

2012 – today

State Farm Logo

In 2012, they took the same design but converted the emblem itself into a simpler shape. They basically replaced it with the image of three ovals stacked precisely in the same way as their predecessors. They are now larger and don’t have unnecessary details around them.

Emblem and Symbol

State Farm Symbol

Most of the time, the company would use its emblem (the three ovals symbol, in whatever form it was at the time) to identify the brand. They also used to paint it different colors for style. So it wasn’t always just red – the colors of white and even black were just as common.