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State Farm is an American insurance and financial services company that provides a wide range of products to help customers manage the risks of everyday life, recover from the unexpected, and realize their dreams. Established in 1922, State Farm has a long and storied history, and has grown to become one of the largest insurance providers in the United States, with a network of more than 19,000 agents across the country.

The company offers a variety of insurance products, including auto, home, life, and health insurance, as well as banking and investment services. With a focus on personalized service, State Farm is committed to helping its customers achieve their goals and protect the things that matter most to them.

Meaning and history

State Farm Logo history

The name State Farm was chosen by the founder, George J. Mecherle, who was a retired farmer from Illinois. The name “State” reflects the company’s commitment to serving customers at a local level, while “Farm” reflects Mecherle’s rural roots and the company’s initial focus on providing insurance for farmers.

When Mecherle founded the company in 1922, he envisioned an insurance company that would be built on a foundation of strong relationships with its customers and a commitment to providing personalized service. Today, that same philosophy remains at the heart of State Farm’s mission, and the company has grown to become a leading provider of insurance and financial services in the United States.

State Farm has a long and storied history that spans nearly a century. The company was founded in Bloomington, Illinois, and was originally focused on providing auto insurance for farmers. In the years that followed, the company expanded its offerings to include a wide range of insurance products, as well as banking and investment services.

State Farm has also been an innovator in the industry, introducing new technologies and tools to help сlients manage their policies and file claims. Despite its growth and evolution, State Farm has remained committed to its core values of integrity, innovation, and customer service, and continues to be a trusted partner to millions of Americans.

What is State Farm
State Farm is a US-based insurance firm that offers a variety of products to help customers manage everyday risks and achieve their goals. Founded in 1922, it’s grown to be one of the largest insurance providers in the country, with 19k agents. It provides insurance for autos, homes, lives, and health, and banking and investment services. The company is dedicated to personalized service and protecting its customers’ most important assets.

1922 – 1936

State Farm Logo 1922

The first State Farm logo featured an oval badge outlined in double lines with a bold sans-serif wordmark inside. The center of the badge showcased a monochrome car illustration with the words “Service. Satisfaction. Service. Economy.” around it, representing the company’s four core values.

1936 – 1943

State Farm Logo 1936

In 1936, State Farm redesigned its logo by creating three oval badges with a similar style, forming a triangle. The logo was colored in red and gold, making it more vivid and eye-catching. Each of them represents a type of insurance the company offers – vehicles, life, and fire. Initially, the lettering also explained the meaning behind each circle. However, with the latest logo redesign, the three circles have been minimized.

1943 – 1953

State Farm Logo 1943

The State Farm logo underwent another redesign in 1953. The new logo featured a square badge with rounded angles, with three red coins placed in the center. The word “State Farm” was written in all capitals above the emblem, and “Insurance” was written below it. The body of each coin was solid red, and the double white outline was complemented by white cursive lettering. The lettering included the three main types of insurance that the company provided: “Life”, “Auto”, and “Fire”.

1953 – 2006

State Farm Logo 1953

2006 – 2012

State Farm Logo 2006

The State Farm logo underwent a redesign in 2006, where the square emblem with rounded corners was shifted to the left of an enlarged, italicized wordmark. The wordmark is in the same shade of red and features a smooth, elegant sans-serif typeface with distinct cuts at the letter-ends. The wordmark is often used on its own without the square emblem.

2012 – today

State Farm Logo

The 2012 State Farm logo redesign removed framing and lettering from the emblem, leaving only the triangle of three red and white coins. The wordmark remained nearly the same as the previous version, designed by Chermayeff & Geismar. A modern and sleek icon featuring the full emblem on a gradient red background is also used for the company’s website and mobile apps.


State Farm Emblem

The bespoke font has a pleasing blend of letter shapes and spacing that complements the logo without overpowering it. In contrast to the previous iteration, the upper strokes of the “a’s” have been lowered, which removes the awkward gaps between the “t” and “a,” and “f” and “a.”.


State Farm Symbol

The State Farm logo features a distinctive color palette of bold red and crisp white, creating a striking contrast. The red color used in the logo is a bright and vibrant shade, with a slightly warm undertone, giving off a sense of energy and confidence. The white color is pure and clean, providing a stark contrast to the bold red and enhancing the logo’s legibility and visibility. The combination of these two colors creates a modern and timeless look, making the State Farm logo easily recognizable and memorable.