Toblerone Logo

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Toblerone is a Swiss chocolate brand. Toblerone is owned by the American company Mondelez International and sold in many countries.  It is highly valued and loved around the world. It is so good that it has become a true representation of quality Swiss chocolate. Some believe that its shape resembles a mountain in the Swiss Alps, which further strengthens the roots of this brand.

Meaning and History

Back in 1868, Jean Tobler opened a small confectionery in Bern. By 1899, the demand for his chocolate was so significant that Jean and his sons opened their own factory for chocolate making. In 1908, Theodor Tobler, his son, and his cousin Emil Bauman created a unique chocolate bar that combined a special recipe and an original triangular shape. They called it “Toblerone”, which is a combination of the last name with the word Torrone, a honey-almond nougat in Italy.

What is Toblerone?
Toblerone is one of the most beloved Swiss chocolate brands. This chocolate has an original triangular shape that resembles a mountain.

1999 – Today

Toblerone Logo

The key element of the logo was the name. It was done in large uppercase red letters. The first letter was larger than the others, so it was a bit lower and higher than the rest of the letters. The letters had a thin yellow border and a dark shadow on the right side, which gave them some volume and made the logo more interesting. To the left of the wordmark, there was a yellow and white mountain image that was about the same height as the wordmark itself. It was a great association with the shape of the chocolate bars themselves.