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University of Washington is one of the largest public universities on the West Coast that has long traditions. It is a multidisciplinary university with several campuses, as well as a representative office in Leon, Spain. UW is world-famous for its achievements in the field of medicine. Being a public university, UW has quite a lot of foreign students studying there: approximately 10 percent of the total student population.

Meaning and History

University of Washington Logo history

UW officially opened in 1861. The university’s medical school opened in 1946 and later grew into a separate medical center. The 1960s and 1970s were considered the golden age of the educational institution. A strong teaching staff appeared here and the university received significant funds for its research. In 2009, the university opened its representative office in the Spanish city of Leon in collaboration with a local university.

What is University of Washington?
University of Washington is one of the oldest educational institutions on the West Coast of the US, which has occupied high positions in local and international rankings for decades. It has locations and research facilities both domestically and internationally.

1861 – Today

University of Washington Logo 1861

The round emblem had the name printed around the border using a bold, serif font with the foundation year added at the very bottom. In the center of the emblem, the logo had a shield with a star and wavy lines in the upper portion, and four vertical lines that consisted of several alternating purple and white lines. Across the top of the shield, the logo had “LVX SIT” printed using the same font. The inscription meant “Let There Be Light”. The shield was decorated with natural ornaments, which is typical for many grand emblems.

1861 – Today

University of Washington Logo

The university also had a simpler logo version that consisted of a large “W” initial and the full name right underneath. All the logo elements were done in purple with a white background. The initial had clean, thick strokes and slab serifs. As for the inscription underneath, it was printed using a bracketed serif font and all uppercase letters. The exception was the “of” portion, which was done using italicized, lowercase letters. It was a strict and conservative logo suitable for a highly respectable organization.

Font and Color

University of Washington Emblem

The purple stands for leadership, dignity, and peace. Also, purple is considered a symbol of success and good luck. The color purple combines the characteristics of blue and red, making it a symbol of harmony and balance. Purple stimulates mental activity and creative thinking and promotes the development of ideas.

The educational institution chose an elegant serif font that resembles the Matrix II Book for the logo which consisted of only the name and the university’s initial. The round emblem also featured another serif font with high-contrast strokes that created a rather sophisticated appearance.