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In 1999, a new provider was created, known as Verizon Wireless. A year later, it was launched. Verizon Wireless is the largest US mobile operator with more than 120 million subscribers and coverage of the largest US territory. One of the key areas of the company is the sale of subsidized models of mobile devices with their own logo on the products of well-known global manufacturers. Thus, phones, USB modems, and other products produced for Verizon Wireless are more affordable in comparison with completely identical devices but sold through regular distribution networks. Each of the devices released under the brand name “Verizon” is thoroughly tested for performance and compliance with data transmission and reception standards.

Meaning and History

Verizon Logo history

The story of the largest mobile communications company in the United States began relatively recently. It all started in 2000 in the city of  New York. The first name was Cellco Partnership and combined two enterprises: Verizon Communications (Bell Atlantic) and Vodafone Group (GTE). This brand appeared just in time and made a real revolution of the 21st century. The merger of the two directions was also successful because one of them originated in the distant 19th century when the concept of “telephone” was just beginning to take root in everyday life. In the process of its development, many brands were absorbed.

What is Verizon?

For many years, the Verizon company, as we know it now, has been providing fixed and cellular communication services to the public, as well as providing satellite broadband internet and information services. In addition, it achieved great success in the production and publication of telephone directories, mobile phones, and various communications equipment.

2000 – 2015

Verizon Logo 2000

The first Verizon logo appeared in 2000 when Bell Atlantic renamed its company. It clearly stated the new name black and white color palette. The word “Verizon” was written in bold black lowercase letters. An exception was a red “Z” which extended below all the other letters and underlined the ending of the word. The word “wireless” followed next and was done in a more delicate font and the letters were not as tall, which made an accent on the first word in the name. A red large checkmark completed the emblem and was positioned right above the “Verizon” with its end pointing at “V”. A variation with “Authorized Retailer” written in small letters under “Wireless” was used alongside the main logo. In addition, there were two versions of the logo: one with the ends of checkmark and the end of letter “Z” were fading out and the other with solid ends.

2015 – Today

Verizon Logo

The logo was redesigned fifteen years later. The company preserved the brand identity by keeping it very recognizable. It kept the same font only now the letters were typed straight. The most noticeable changes were the removal of a dramatic “Z”, which now matched all the other letters. There was no more “Wireless” either. Moreover, the checkmark was moved to be right next to the upper right end of the name. Its size was smaller than the letters themselves. The “Authorized retailer” was now added to the right of the logo and was written in two lines.

2000 – 2014

Verizon Logo 2000-2014

Since Vodaphone was part of the Verizon company for a big chunk of its existence until Vodafone shares were purchased for $130 billion by Verizon, this fact was reflected in an alternate logo. It featured a red and black phone card. The Verizon logo was placed in the upper two-thirds of the logo on a black background, while the Vodaphone logo was written on a red background underneath it. The whole emblem had a very thin red outline.