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Vivo is a Chinese technology company that specializes in communication gadgets. Founded in 2009, the brand has expanded greatly and is presently among the leading smartphone manufacturers in the region. Vivo products are available in over 100 countries across the world, making it a prominent transnational partaker in the technology market.

Meaning and history

Vivo Logo history

Vivo emerged in 2009, under the umbrella of BBK Electronics. At the start, the brand was a local Chinese producer, but it soon grew into a leading smartphone manufacturer, catering to the most cutting-edge solutions and breakthrough designs. The X1 was the first smartphone launched by Vivo in 2011, and its ultra-slim shape quickly attracted public attention.

In 2012, the Xplay was launched by Vivo, a mobile phone with a bigger screen and high-end options, celebrating Vivo’s introduction to the premium smartphone segment. Following this, Vivo launched a line of successful telephones such as the Xshot, X5Max, and X6Plus.

Today, Vivo is a globally recognized smartphone brand, available in more than a hundred countries worldwide. Recently, the firm has diversified its product portfolio to include accessories such as headphones and smartwatches. Vivo’s focus remains on innovation and design, offering its consumers access to high-tech products.

What is Vivo?
Vivo, a technological enterprise hailing from China, excels in communication contraptions. Since its establishment in 2009, the brand has witnessed substantial growth, catapulting itself to become one of the premier smartphone fabricators in the region. With a robust market presence spanning across a hundred-plus nations, Vivo has etched its name as a notable global contender in the technology industry.

2009 – 2019

Vivo Logo 2009

Vivo initiated its debut logo during its nascent stage. The logo showcased customized lettering in a suave sans-serif typeface inscribed in lowercase and hued in a pacifying blue shade. The dot atop the letter “I” was fabricated as a rhombus with slightly mollified angles, while the remaining characters were endowed with rounded terminations, bequeathing the logo an amiable and accessible impression. The corporation employed this logo for nearly a decade, over which it garnered notability and prominence in the worldwide smartphone market.

2019 – today

Vivo Logo

The overhaul of the Vivo logo in 2019 ushered in several significant enhancements. Primarily, the color palette underwent a transformation, and the soft and placid blue hue gave way to an effervescent and vibrant shade of purple. Additionally, the brand opted for a fresh typeface, which retained the initial essence but with truncated and linearly sliced letter stems. Although the corners of the typeface retained a slightly smoothed-out appearance, the overall impression exuded sharpness and dynamism, mirroring the brand’s values and aspirations.


Vivo Symbol

The Vivo emblem’s primary lettering is a medium-weight sans-serif font with a futuristic and smooth style. The dot above the lowercase letter “I” is replaced with a softened rhombus. The closest fonts to the one used in the Vivo badge are Clonoid Semi Bold and Quantum Latin Rounded SemiBold, with some refined contours.


Vivo Emblem

The Vivo brand’s color scheme is centered around a rich and vivid hue of purple, which is incredibly delightful and juicy, inspiring a sense of creativity and movement. This color gives the simple and clean shapes of the logo’s elements a more intricate and stylish appearance.