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Whataburger is a speedy culinary establishment renowned for its mouth-watering burgers and a copious array of scrumptious, customizable dishes. The brand has proliferated into over 800 franchises across the southern expanse of the USA. Whataburger boasts its unwavering commitment to utilizing premium-grade ingredients and distributing unparalleled patron care.

Meaning and history

Whataburger Logo history

Whataburger derives its moniker from the term “what a burger,” indicating its emphasis on quality and flavor. In 1950, Harmon Dobson and Paul Burton founded the company in Corpus Christi, Texas, with a single objective: to create a tastier and more popular burger. They revolutionized the burger game by making their burgers bigger, and fresher, and grilling them to perfection, setting them apart from their competitors.

Whataburger has grown significantly over the decades, expanding to over 800 locations across ten states, generally in the south of the country. The menu is extensive, featuring burgers, chicken sandwiches, salads, breakfast dishes, and delectable sides like crispy French fries and onion rings. The chain prides itself on using premium quality ingredients and fresh, never-frozen beef to make its burgers, setting them apart from other fast-food chains.

What is Whataburger?
Whataburger is a swift, lip-smacking American eatery that prides itself on its delectable, freshly prepared burgers and a profuse selection of toothsome victuals. The establishment originated in Corpus Christi, Texas, in 1950 and has burgeoned into a whopping 800 locations scattered across the southern reaches of the nation. Whataburger glorifies its steadfast dedication to using top-notch ingredients and offering unrivaled customer service.

1950 – 1968

Whataburger Logo 1950

The original symbol of Whataburger was a tribute to the pioneering location that saw the light in 1950 in Corpus Christi, Texas. There, in a diminutive edifice, Harmon A. Dobson fashioned juicy hamburgers, crispy fries, and refreshing soft beverages, while patrons parked their rides and flocked to the window for a swift bite. The neon signboard atop the building, gleaming with the label’s nameplate, beckoned to passersby and lured them in for a scrumptious treat.

But the Whataburger emblem is merely one among the many historic establishments enshrined in photographic archives. Its edifice now bears a contemporary guise, far from the movable booth of Corpus Christi. It flaunts a grandiose structure, adorned with two windows (one shuttered), an entrance door, a terrace, a beverage urn, a flat roof, and a colossal black sign. The name “WHATABURGER,” inscribed in bold sans-serif font, gleams in white, a paragon of austere sophistication.

1968 – 1972

Whataburger Logo 1968

In 1961, Harmon A. Dobson elevated Whataburger’s architecture by introducing the pioneering A-frame blueprint. To augment its visibility from a distance, he bedecked the roof with striking stripes. Initially, two steel tubes were affixed on the gable at the apex of the makeshift “A” to replicate the flanks of the “W.” This iconic structural model is enshrined in the exhibited emblem.

The emblem showcases an extensive sheltered veranda appended to the A-shaped edifice, featuring five triangular indentations on the roof. Two signage display the restaurant’s name, with the first at the acme of the frame, partitioned into organized squares to showcase each character. The second sign is perched on the entryway to the terrace, flaunting a diamond shape.

Additionally, the emblem is bedecked with another term, “WHATABURGER,” in the top right angle. The inscription is stylishly handwritten, exuding a brush-like impression. Beneath it, the italicized phrase “DRIVE INNS” alludes to the restaurant’s focus on catering to drivers. Beneath the emblem lies the captivating line, “THERE’S ONE NEAR YOU,” with the word “YOU” emphasized with an underline. The complete line is inscribed in uppercase but in small letters, inclined towards the right.

1972 – today

Whataburger Logo

In 1972, Whataburger’s chain spread its roots to over 100 eateries, achieving grand success. By then, the corporation had introduced its official emblem named “Flying W,” which is a symmetrical formation of several orange lines, shaped like a “W.” The lateral parts of this artful design are gracefully elongated and placed horizontally. While all elements are arranged below each other, they bear a unique appearance. The brand’s name caption adorns the lowest part of the logo, with all components, including the characters, reflecting the brand’s distinctive orange hue in a mesmerizing manner.


Whataburger Symbol

Beneath the letter sporting its flamboyant “wings” lies the word “WHATABURGER.” The typeface selected by the creators is sans-serif with thick, serrated lines, giving it an appearance of a hand-drawn design with brush-like strokes. The ingenious Whatafont Regular font by Iconian Fonts was created inspired by this lettering.


Whataburger Emblem

Harmon Dobson was determined to make his logo stand out as much as radio towers, so he employed a striking color scheme for the W-shaped emblem: alternating white and orange hues. The Whataburger moniker also sports a bright shade of orange, perfectly matching the signature orange tones of the brand.