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Aesop is a luxury Australian cosmetics brand, famed for its high-quality skin, hair, and body care products, each meticulously formulated with a blend of plant-based and laboratory-made ingredients. It was founded by hairdresser Dennis Paphitis in Melbourne, Australia. Aesop stands out for its commitment to sustainable design and its distinctive, minimalist packaging. The brand aims to provide customers with products that not only pamper the body but also appeal to the senses and intellect.

Meaning and history

Founded in 1987 in Melbourne by Dennis Paphitis, Aesop began as a small hair salon. It quickly evolved, focusing on skin, hair, and body products. By the 1990s, Aesop’s unique approach to cosmetics, blending botanicals and science, gained a loyal following.

In 2010, Brazilian company Natura Cosméticos acquired a stake, marking Aesop’s first major partnership. This move fueled international expansion, opening doors in new markets worldwide. Despite changes, Aesop maintained its core philosophy and aesthetic. In 2012, Natura increased its ownership, further investing in Aesop’s global reach.

Aesop remains a symbol of luxury and sustainability in cosmetics, continuing to innovate and inspire.

What is Aesop?
Aesop is an Australian luxury skincare brand revered for its fusion of botanical ingredients and scientific innovation, housed in aesthetically pleasing, minimalist packaging. Founded in Melbourne in 1987, Aesop crafts a diverse array of products, from face oils to body balms, prioritizing sustainability and sensory pleasure in equal measure.

1987 – Today

Aesop Logo

The logo presented is a bold, typographic emblem for the Aesop brand, featuring an elegant, serif typeface with a modern twist. The accent on the “e” adds a touch of sophistication, while the registered trademark symbol signifies its established identity. Its simplicity exudes luxury, mirroring the brand’s minimalist and high-quality ethos.