Android Logo

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The effort of Android’s contribute cannot be underestimated. This OS has been grown from software for digital cameras to an operational system which is being used with all the telephones available today (except iPhone), and it shares two thirds of the market. The developer of the system is owned by Google.

Meaning and History

Android Logo history

The word ‘Android’ itself means ‘Human-like robot’. This name is a very suitable for the brand, as well as the logo designed according to the concept of a robot assistant, which helps you use your phone (even though the logo itself isn’t terribly human-like in appearance).

2008 – 2014

Android Logo-2008

The green palette was a feature of the OS from the start. It was used in the brand’s initial emblem, introduced in 2008. The emblem depicted the human-like robot, with the hands and head separated from the body.

This emblem was designed by Irina Blok from Google in 2007. As the designer once said, the logo was like a child for her.

2014 – 2017

Android Logo-2014

The same year, Android decided to change their logo’s coloring to just black.

2017 – 2019

Android Logo-2019

A few years later, they decided to change the coloring back to green, although in a darker shade than before. Additionally, they made the robot rather smaller.

2019 – Today

Android Logo

The current logo of the brand depicts the bright-green head of the robot placed above the black inscription. It was made in the simple and minimalistic font with a fluid and soft look.

Emblem and Symbol

Android Emblem

The industry of the off-site logos of the Android system has a long history. Almost every year, designers of the brand make the logotype with some sweet on it. For example, with the first primal logo, Google introduced an apple pie. A year after the company added the banana bread and cupcake. This pretty tradition remained until today.