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This is a hip-hop album that includes elements of trap music. The flagship album of Travis Scott’s career, as he calls it, included 17 tracks and featured a wide variety of artists, from Frank Ocean to Drake and Juice WRLD. For the promotional campaign of the album, the rapper opened pop-up stores in US cities with an installation in the form of a huge head, where one could buy exclusive merch. Astroworld has been widely recognized and commercially successful.

Meaning and History

The album takes its name from an amusement park that was located in his town until 2005. Its closure was a real shock to the rapper. According to him, he began to study music precisely after it closed because he had to entertain himself in some way. His parents threw him out of the house and stopped helping financially when they found out that their son has dropped out of college for the sake of music. The work on Astroworld lasted two years. During this time, Travis released only three singles and concentrated on recording the album. The rapper made the final touches in Hawaii, where the entire production team has been gathered.

What is Astroworld?

Astroworld is the third studio album of Travis Scott. The amusement park, which the album is named after, impresses with its abundance of attractions, accordingly, the album’s tracklist is completely unpredictable and unbalanced at the same time. If you concentrate, Astroworld really sounds like music from a galaxy far, far away.

2018 – Today

Astroworld Logo

The logo that represented the new album was its name written using a custom stylized font. The Six Flags logo was used as an inspiration, which translated into colorful letters. Each letter had its own solid color, which included yellow, orange, pink, green, and blue. The letters themselves were done in a font that resembled graffiti lettering with smooth, wave-like lines. This was not it. The first letter “O” was done as a realistic image of the planet Earth with a red smiley face on it. Both the colorful letters and the smiley face were meant to refer to the fun people had at the amusement park. The planet was meant to connect to the “World” portion of the name. The second “O” also looked intriguing as it had several rectangles with rounded corners, which slightly looked like a hypnotizing pattern.