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ASU is an acronym for Arizona State University an educational entity, based in Phoenix Valley agglomeration. The university’s best specializations are related to management, business, engineering, and economics. Alongside these, there are courses in other subjects from humanitarian and natural spheres. In total, the university has 400 undergraduate programs and 590 graduate ones, explored by 135k students and taught by more than 4700 academicians. The university also has an athletic franchise, named Sun Devils.

Meaning and history

ASU Logo history

The Territorial Normal School was officially opened in 1886 by the legislature to prepare teachers and provide knowledge in agriculture and mechanics. The first classes took place in a small, four-classroom building in Tempe. 12 years later, they built their first headquarters with electricity supply, Old Main.

It led to the transforming of Territorial Normal School into Tempe NS. The further advancement continued throughout the 20th century and led to the school’s turning into a Teachers College in the 1920s. The first graduate degree offered in 1937 by Arizona State Teachers College. Alongside this, the college added new courses in business, as well as humanities and natural arts. In 1945 TSTC was granted a right to provide bachelor’s degree programs, therefore becoming Arizona State College.

Finally, in 1958, due to the college’s growth and advancement of its programs, the state legislature officially proclaimed Arizona State College the University.

What is ASU?
ASU is Arizona State University. Arizona State University is an American publically available university, which conducts research and educational facility. It was founded in the end of the 19th century by the assembly of Arizona territory, and based in Tempe. Since then, the university has developed hundreds of degree programs and courses in business science, as well as liberal and natural arts. ASU is the largest state university in the United States, having a total enrollment of more than 135k, and total academic personnel count of more than 4,7k.

1885 – today

ASU Seal

The Official Seal of The Arizona State University is a circular signature, used for diplomas and documents only. The Seal is one of the core components in the graphical identity of the university, which presented it since the very 19th century.

The insignia is a modified version of the state seal with the university name on it. It can be separated in several layers: first, an outer frame with a spikes pattern; it covers a larger external ring with the university name and the year of foundation on it; deeper in the sigil comes a few more outlines, bordering another round with the ‘great seal of the state of Arizona’, and a couple of stars, between which they wrote the year of state status granting to Arizona; at the very center of the seal there is a shield showing Arizona landscape, featuring a man with a shovel, looking like a researcher, standing at the background of mountains, hills, and a shining sun. At the top, inside a rectangular block, there is the ‘ditat deus’ inscription’.

1995 – today

ASU Logo

The official brand logotype was introduced in 1995, up to the age of the global brands, internet, and digital technologies. The logotype consists of the ‘ASU’ acronym with a sun put behind the central ‘s’. To the right from the acronym, they wrote the full name in a two-line inscription.


ASU Emblem

The ASU official brand details, including the logotype and the seal, have a unique coloring.

The logo is executed in a maroon shade for the letters, and gold for the sun drawn behind the ‘s’ letter. The signature also includes white and black as the contrast colors. Their official website reads that green, blue, orange, and several other shades are considered secondary for the corporate identity.

As for the seal, so here the coloring is much more conservative. The sigil goes only in four color palettes black and white, red and white, gold and black, or gray and white, where white is always used to describe the background, if there is one.


ASU Symbol

The seal of the Arizona State University is a representative insignia printed on official papers. Hence, a classic typeface, used to write both inscriptions. It features slim capitals with prominent serifs. The ‘ditat deus’ lettering has a semibold capitalized font without serifs.

The logotype is supposed to reflect the university’s values and mission. Following this target, the brand artists have developed a bold font with all capitals. The letters in the acronym tiny yet sharp serifs, adding some dynamic mood to the logo. The full name have simple letter forms without serifs, separated by small intervals in between.