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Atalanta Motors is a British automotive company, initially founded by Neil Watson. It began in the United Kingdom with a focus on creating innovative sports cars. The cars combined luxury with high performance, tailored to enthusiast drivers seeking unique vehicles. Atalanta Motors gained a reputation for its pioneering approaches to car design.

Meaning and history

Atalanta Motors Logo history

Atalanta Motors, founded in 1936 in the UK, initially aimed to innovate the sports car industry. They integrated advanced features unusual for their time, such as fully independent suspension and a selection of engines tailored to customer preference. However, World War II cut their aspirations short, halting production. The brand lay dormant until 2012 when enthusiasts revived Atalanta, pledging to maintain the original ethos while incorporating modern engineering. The reborn company produces bespoke, hand-crafted cars that echo the spirit of the 1930s originals yet meet contemporary performance standards. Atalanta Motors remains a niche in the luxury auto market, revered for its dedication to craftsmanship and historical legacy.

What is Atalanta Motors?
Atalanta Motors is a historic British car brand renowned for its sports cars. The company specializes in hand-built vehicles that blend classic design with modern technology. Atalanta is celebrated for its distinctive approach to marrying the craftsmanship of the past with contemporary advancements.


Atalanta Motors Logo Old

The logo features a striking design with a prominent text “ATALANTA” in bold, block letters at the bottom. Above the name, the logo includes the abbreviation “RGS” set in a small banner, perched atop a stylized eagle. The eagle, representing strength and speed, spreads its wings across the upper part of the logo, integrating seamlessly into a detailed, radiating sunburst pattern that forms a dynamic backdrop. The entire emblem is shaped like an upward-pointing arrow, symbolizing forward movement and progress. This design encapsulates a vintage yet timeless aesthetic, resonating with the classic nature of Atalanta Motors.


Atalanta Motors Logo

The current Atalanta Motors logo displays a significant simplification from the previous design. It features only the brand name “ATALANTA MOTORS” in bold, sans-serif letters. This design opts for a minimalistic and modern approach, removing any graphical elements like the eagle and the sunburst found in the older version. The text alignment is straightforward and horizontal, focusing purely on brand recognition through text. This modern logo reflects a trend towards cleaner and more versatile branding in automotive design.