Bflix Logo

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What is Bflix Logo

Bflix Movies is an Indian channel launched in 2016. They mostly broadcast the latest movies of domestic production, which includes Bollywood films and products from smaller studios from all over the country. The name is inspired by Netflix, where ‘flix’ (or ‘flicks’) is an old word for ‘movies’.

Meaning and History

2016 – today

Bflix Logo

The central element of the logo is the big word ‘Bflix’. The ‘flix’ part is made with tilted lowercase letter using one of the basic sans-serif fonts. The coloring is interesting: it uses gold with white sparkles all over it, which is very Indian. The capital ‘B’ uses a similar style, except it stands upright and uses red instead of gold.

Beneath the wordmark, there’s usually the word ‘movies’ written in smaller black letters with a lot of space between one another.