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Canal+ is a French television channel known for its premium content offerings. André Rousselet founded the channel as a subscription-based service. It originated in France with the goal of providing high-quality, diverse programming. Canal+ quickly established itself as a pioneer in the French pay-TV market, focusing on films, sports, and original series.

Meaning and history

Canal+ Logo history

Canal+ was officially launched in 1984, making it one of the earliest premium subscription television services in France. The creation of Canal+ marked a significant development in the French media landscape, offering viewers an alternative to public broadcast channels with a focus on exclusive content. Over the years, Canal+ has expanded its reach, launching additional channels and services. It played a crucial role in broadcasting major sports events and producing iconic films and series. This expansion helped solidify its position in European media.

What is Canal+?
Canal+ is a subscription-based television channel from France, offering a mix of films, sports, and original series. It caters to audiences looking for exclusive and premium content. Established by André Rousselet, it has grown into a significant player in the European media scene.

1984 – 1995

Canal Logo 1984

The logo features the word “CANAL” in bold, black capital letters, followed by a bright, vivid ‘+’. The ‘+’ symbol showcases a gradient spectrum, transitioning smoothly from a sunny yellow to a deep blue, embodying the brand’s dynamic and colorful entertainment offerings. It stands against a white backdrop, ensuring high visibility and a clean, modern look. This emblem represents the fusion of creativity and the channel’s forward-thinking approach to media.

1995 – Today

Canal Logo 1995

The logo pivots to a stark black and white color scheme, exuding a classic and sophisticated aura. “CANAL” is presented in thick, black uppercase letters, followed by a bold plus sign. Unlike the previous multicolored gradient, this plus sign is solid white, matching the stark contrast of the overall design. This version radiates simplicity and clarity, reflecting a modern, direct approach to branding. The contrast speaks to the channel’s commitment to clear, uncompromised quality in its content curation.

2009 – Today

Canal Logo

The transition is subtle yet significant, with a shift from a graphic gradient to solid black and white. The letters in “CANAL” are now uniform in color, creating a more seamless and bold statement. The plus sign retains its prominence but sheds the previous color for a stark white, adding a punch to the design. This simplified palette suggests a modern, timeless approach, emphasizing a strong, cohesive brand identity. The logo’s minimalist style conveys confidence and sophistication, aligning with contemporary design trends.