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Black Panther is a Marvel superhero movie that came out in year 2018. The movie features an African hero trying to perform his duty as the king of the fictional country Wakanda as well as struggle with his past. The movie was a big step for Marvel and was as much a statement as a product.

Meaning and History

Black Panther Logo history

The namesake superhero first appeared in Marvel comic books in 1966. Although there were ideas to create a movie about the character before to represent Africa in this new light, it wasn’t until 2016 that the idea was given attention within Marvel (after Captain America: Civil War). The movie eventually came out 2 years later.


Black Panther Logo-2016

In the early stages of development, the project had a logo. It was a bronze writing that read ‘Black Panther’ in two layers – the first word being above the latter and much smaller. This logo was dominantly placed against a black background, for obvious reasons.

The font is peculiar, as many letters in these words are disproportioned (either being too small and short or too long and tall), but they are also rather aggressive, pointed and cast as if from the metal.


Black Panther Logo

This logo was also featured in the final versions of the movie. They basically swapped the bronze look for a gradient that went from the lighter blue shades in the top to darker shades (as dark as black) towards the bottom.

Emblem and Symbol

Black Panther Emblem

The emblem used by the superhero in the movies themselves features the image of his helmet (styled as a panther), as well as surrounded by a black ring on occasions. It’s not very common in the Cinematic Universe, but if you’d need to identify him somehow, you’d use this emblem.