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Buffalo Bills is one of the primary football teams to come from New York. They are part of the NFL, which means they get to compete on a national level. And they are very successful there, too – BB are regarded as one of the 5 best teams in the entirety of the National League.

Meaning and History

Buffalo Bills Logo history

The name is directly derived from the name of a popular 19th century entertainer Buffalo Bill. That being said, he didn’t have any special connection to New York of, obviously, the team (only founded in 1959). Buffalo Bill is simply one of the many persons who symbolize the classic American culture, hence the choice of a name.

1960 – 1961

Buffalo Bills Logo 1960

The first logo, publicized in 1960, was a blue shape of an American football – an oval-like shape with pointed sides. Inside were several illustrations. Notably, the upper line part of the ball featured a team’s name – Buffalo Bills – in white, bold uppercase letters. They were curved to fit the curvature of the ball itself.

The main part was the realistic depiction of several buffalos – mainly brown, but with some black and other inlays. Right next to them were two players clad in white and blue uniforms: the colors of the team back then.

1962 – 1969

Buffalo Bills Logo 1962

By 1962, they changed the design, although the concept of the emblem stayed. The ball was now brown with white dotting, and it was the same approach they used for the buffalo this time. And they actually scaled down both the animals and the players this time, there was now only 1 each.

The way player is positioned was carried on from the previous logo, but they did add some new details, such as the red stripes on the helmet.

1970 – 1973

Buffalo Bills Logo 1970

In 1970, they decided to simplify the logo to just a red silhouette of a buffalo. It was rather docile and was simply standing there, facing right.

1974 – today

Buffalo Bills Logo

It started charging in the same direction by 1974, but it wasn’t the only change. The silhouette was now blue, with white horns and red banner tied to them. So, it was now fully in the colors of the team.

Emblem and Symbol

Buffalo Bills Emblem

The other emblem used by the team extensively is just their name, written in big blue letters. The font is the usual college-style with big square notches on the tips and generally blocky look. They put these occasionally on their property and elsewhere, but not as often as the usual ‘bull’ logo.