Bugatti Logo

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What is Bugatti Logo

Bugatti was established in France, 1909. It’s a company, focused on designing and producing of high-performance luxury and sports cars. Their cars are notable for their aggressive and stylish design, high speed, and first-class safety. The company produces its vehicles in very limited quantities, so these cars are very rare and affordable only to an extra rich audience. Now the company doesn’t execute independent operations, as it’s a division of the German Volkswagen Group.

Meaning and history

Although Bugatti is a French-based brand, it has an Italian name. This feature is connected with the man who founded this business – Ettore Bugatti, an Italian-born businessman, and industrialist, who gave a start for the first vehicle branded his name – Bugatti Type 13. Driven by him, this car won second place at the French Grand Prix in 1911. Then, the company’s business operations became to rise, it had to develop the corporate logotype to grow its audience. The iconic oval logotype with the name on it was made by Ettore Bugatti himself soon after the race.

What is Bugatti?
Bugatti is an automobile company based in France. It was called after Ettore Bugatti – an Italian-born French businessman, who founded the family business in 1909 and developed it in years to come. Bugatti is focused on designing, constructing and selling of supercars and luxury vehicles across the world. These cars are notable for impressive style, extra speed as well as first-class quality. This is one of the most successful companies in hypercar production, despite the fact that they rarely produce more than a hundred cars a year.

1911 – today

Bugatti Logo

The iconic logotype, designed by Ettore Bugatti himself, depicted a dark red oval with a ‘B’ emblem and an inscription with the name of the brand. The name has a straight, slim, and tall typeface with bold lines of capitalized letters. Around the oval, we can see a white line with 60 red dots. All this is limited by another thin black line. There is also another version of the logotype, colored black and white. The size of the emblem changed throughout the whole 20th century to fir various models of cars, but the design was never renovated, as Bugatti himself wanted.


Bugatti Symbol

The nameplate in the Bugatti logotype has a heavy sans-serif typeface with fewer gaps between angular uppercase letters. The feature of this font is that each letter has a black contour looking like a shadow. Due to this feature, the name has a 3D effect, which makes it look stylish and eye-catching. The coloring of the letters is white, which highlights the name on the red background.


Bugatti Emblem

Did you know that the color scheme of the Bugatti logotype has a special meaning? According to the words of Ettore Bugatti himself, the red, which is used for the oval and dots, depicts passion and dynamism. The white, which Bugatti took to draw the name and line around the oval, is supposed to remind of elegancy and aristocratism. And the black initials and contours of each letter should mean bravery and superiority.