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Chatime thrives as a top-tier Taiwanese teahouse chain, thanks to Henry Wang Yao-Hui’s entrepreneurial spirit. Launched in Taiwan, its inception aimed to redefine tea consumption globally. With a focus on bubble tea, it has emerged as a prominent player in the beverage sector.

Meaning and history

Chatime Logo history

Chatime made its debut in 2005, quickly distinguishing itself in the bustling tea market. Its journey from a single store in Taiwan to a worldwide phenomenon showcases a remarkable expansion. By 2011, Chatime had already established a significant global footprint, serving millions of customers. The brand’s commitment to quality and innovation played a crucial role in its rapid growth. Its history is a testament to the power of reinventing traditional beverages for the modern consumer.

What is Chatime?
Chatime is a global franchise celebrated for its bubble tea. With innovation at its core, it offers a variety of flavorful teas and has become synonymous with the modern tea experience.

2005 – 2010

Chatime Logo 2005

The logo showcases the brand name “Chatime” in an elegant, serif font, emphasizing its heritage. Above, Chinese characters dance in fluid strokes, suggesting traditional calligraphy. This visual harmony marries Eastern artistic tradition with contemporary branding. The purple hue symbolizes royalty and quality, aligning with the brand’s premium image. Together, the elements convey a fusion of cultural artistry and modern tea culture.

2010 – 2016

Chatime Logo 2010

This iteration of the Chatime logo simplifies its aesthetic, focusing on the brand name in a free-flowing, cursive style. The previous Chinese calligraphy has been replaced with a single, playful leaf motif, hinting at natural origins and freshness. The purple remains, vibrant and inviting, while green adds a touch of vitality. This design speaks to a more modern, approachable brand, emphasizing its connection to nature and the freshness of its tea offerings.

2016 – Today

Chatime Logo

In this evolution of the Chatime logo, the leaf motif now includes a gradient, blending green into blue, symbolizing freshness and a drop of tea. The typeface for “Chatime” remains in a rich purple, conveying a feeling of quality and luxury. The lettering curves softly, suggesting comfort and approachability. The addition of the water droplet underscores the brand’s commitment to freshness and purity. This logo conveys a balance of natural elements and a refined brand experience.