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Chiquita is a prominent brand known for its bananas and other fruit products. Andrew W. Preston founded the company. It originated in Boston, Massachusetts, initially to market bananas from Central America to the North American market. The brand aims to provide high-quality, fresh fruit globally.

Meaning and History

Chiquita Logo history

Chiquita, originally known as United Fruit Company, was founded in 1899. It underwent a significant rebranding in 1984, adopting the name Chiquita Brands International. Over the years, Chiquita has been pivotal in developing banana production and distribution methods, which include pioneering refrigerated shipping which began in 1903. This innovation allowed bananas to be shipped longer distances, especially from Latin America to North America, without spoiling. In 1962, they introduced the “Miss Chiquita” logo, which became an iconic symbol of the brand. The company faced controversies, including allegations of unethical practices and environmental concerns. Despite this, Chiquita remains a major player in the global fruit market.

What is Chiquita?
Chiquita is a global corporation specializing in the production and distribution of bananas and other fruits. Known for its blue sticker with the logo of Miss Chiquita, the brand symbolizes quality and freshness. Through its vast distribution network, Chiquita brings tropical fruits from Latin America to markets worldwide.

Before 1947

Chiquita Logo Old

The image features a striking logo with bold, artistic flair. “Bananas” is written in vibrant red cursive, grabbing the viewer’s attention. Below, a traditional rifle points rightward, juxtaposing the fruit’s natural curves. The words “United Fruit Co.” anchor the design in a solid, classic typeface. A yellow background encapsulates the logo, contrasting sharply with the graphic elements. The logo combines organic and man-made, suggesting a storied history behind the brand.

1947 – 1961

Chiquita Logo 1947

This emblem ushers in warmth and whimsy. “CHIQUITA BANANA” arches in bold black, encircling a dancing lady. She embodies a banana, playfully donning a fruit hat. Her ruffled, flamenco-style dress swirls in vibrant reds and yellows, celebrating Chiquita’s Latin American roots. Below, dates “1941” and “1947” bookend the term “UNITED FRUIT COMPANY”, referencing pivotal brand history chapters. This iteration, more animated than its predecessor, captures Chiquita’s lively spirit.

1961 – 1972

Chiquita Logo 1961

The logo evolves, introducing a more subdued elegance. Gone is the dancing figure, replaced by a stately oval seal. Navy blue dominates, providing a deep backdrop for the white “Chiquita” and “BRAND BANANAS” lettering. The playful banana figure, adorned with a lady’s face, remains as a whimsical nod to the brand’s past. “UNITED FRUIT COMPANY” is proudly displayed at the bottom, reminding us of the legacy. The design now favors a cleaner, more modern aesthetic, focusing on brand recognition.

1963 – 2019

Chiquita Logo 1963

In this latest version, the logo takes a leap towards brightness and simplicity. A bold yellow and blue color scheme frames the central image, with the iconic “Chiquita” text in white occupying the blue inner oval. The familiar banana lady reappears, now stylized and simplified, adorned with a fruit-laden hat, adding a touch of charm. The logo radiates a friendly, approachable vibe, emphasizing the brand’s fun and tropical essence. The previous complex seal is stripped back, making the logo more recognizable and vibrant.


Chiquita Logo 1972

The logo maintains its oval shape but deepens the richness of colors, with a royal blue center and bronze edging. Inside, the “Chiquita” text remains prominent, now accompanied by “UNITED BRANDS COMPANY” at the bottom, signaling a corporate evolution. Above, the banana lady sports a more detailed design, appearing in a nuanced silhouette against the blue. She seems to blow a kiss, adding a personable touch to the imagery. The letters “UB” appear squarely centered, underscoring the brand’s abbreviated identity. Overall, the logo presents a blend of tradition and refreshed corporate identity.

2019 – Today

Chiquita Logo

Transitioning to a minimalist charm, the logo returns to a crisp blue and yellow theme. “Chiquita” is boldly white, centered in the blue oval. The banana lady is now a silhouette, exuding elegance and simplicity. Her jaunty pose and fruit hat pay homage to Chiquita’s heritage. The design is clean, with the blue background offering a strong contrast to the yellow outline. The new look prioritizes straightforward, eye-catching appeal, perfect for brand recognition. The logo is a modern nod to Chiquita’s long-standing tradition, embodying both freshness and familiarity.