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“Cookie Run Kingdom” is a charming mobile game blending adventure and town-building elements. In a whimsical world, players design and manage a kingdom while controlling adorable cookie characters. Each character boasts unique abilities, used in engaging battle sequences against various foes. The game’s draw lies in its combination of strategy, character customization, and interactive storytelling, offering a rich, immersive experience. Its vivid graphics and endearing narrative captivate a wide audience, making it a delightful, family-friendly game.

Meaning and history

Cookie Run Kingdom Logo history

“Cookie Run Kingdom”, developed by South Korean company Devsisters, is a captivating blend of role-playing and town-building set in a fantasy world. Launched in January 2021, it is a spin-off of the popular “Cookie Run” series. The game’s lore unfolds in a kingdom where cookies come to life, each with unique personalities and powers. Players embark on quests, battling against dark forces to reclaim the kingdom’s lost territories.

Key to its appeal is the diverse cast of cookies, ranging from the brave GingerBrave to mystical wizards, each with special skills and backstories. Players can customize their cookie team and strategize to win battles. The town-building aspect allows creative freedom in constructing and decorating a thriving cookie kingdom.

Regular updates introduce new cookies, events, and storylines, keeping the game fresh and engaging. It’s available on iOS and Android, with cross-platform playability. The game’s success is evident in its global popularity, fan community, and merchandise line. Its blend of adorable characters, strategic gameplay, and ongoing content updates make it a delightful experience for all ages.

What is Cookie Run Kingdom?
“Cookie Run Kingdom” is an imaginative mobile game where players build and manage their own kingdoms while controlling a team of whimsical cookie characters. It combines elements of adventure, strategy, and town-building, set in a vibrant, fantasy world filled with unique challenges and engaging storylines.


Cookie Run Kingdom Logo 2019

The logo for “Cookie Run Kingdom” is a playful mix of bright, bold colors and whimsical fonts, exuding a sense of fun and adventure. Centered is the title “Cookie Run” in yellow with a purple shadow, emphasizing movement and energy. The word “Kingdom” rests below, resembling a royal banner with a lighthearted twist. A sparkling, cartoonish sword pierces through the text, hinting at the epic quests within the game. Overall, the logo promises a lighthearted, engaging experience in a fantastical setting.

2021 – Today

Cookie Run Kingdom Logo

The revised logo of “Cookie Run Kingdom” showcases a regal touch with a gleaming crown adorning the top, symbolizing royalty and the game’s kingdom-building feature. The crown is ornate, with jewel-like embellishments and a cookie emblem at its peak, reinforcing the game’s central theme. The word “Cookie” maintains its golden hue, while “Run” now pops in a bold, red font, adding a dash of excitement. Below, “Kingdom” is presented in a larger, more pronounced golden script, emphasizing the grandeur and scope of the game’s world. This logo version reinforces the playful yet majestic essence of the game, inviting players into a world of adventure and confectionery sovereignty.