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Crocs is an innovative footwear brand that has captured the hearts of people across the world with its unique designs and comfort. Established in 2002 in Boulder, Colorado, Crocs is famous for its clog-style shoes made from a special material called Croslite. This closed-cell resin not only provides a comfortable and supportive fit but also offers incredible durability, making Crocs shoes a reliable choice for daily wear.

Meaning and history

Crocs Logo history

The name “Crocs” is derived from the word “crocodile,” which was the inspiration for the design of the company’s original clog-style shoe. The founders, Lyndon “Duke” Hanson, Scott Seamans, and George Boedecker, Jr., wanted to create a comfortable, durable shoe that was suitable for boating and other outdoor activities, and the distinctive design of the shoe was inspired by the crocodile’s ability to navigate the water.

Since its founding in 2002, Crocs has expanded its product range and has become a household name, with a loyal following of customers who appreciate the brand’s focus on comfort, practicality, and unique style. The brand has faced its fair share of challenges over the years, including criticism of the clog’s appearance, but has continued to innovate and expand, introducing new styles and materials while staying true to its original vision.

Today, Crocs is a global brand with a strong presence in the industry, and its distinctive shoes have become a cultural icon.

What is Crocs?
Crocs is a creative shoe brand that has won over people globally with its distinctive designs and comfortable shoes. It was founded in 2002 in Boulder, Colorado and is known for its clog-style shoes produced with a special material known as Croslite. This particular closed-cell resin provides not only a comfortable and supportive fit but also excellent sturdiness, rendering Crocs shoes a dependable selection for everyday use.

2002 – 2006

Crocs Logo 2002

The 2002 Crocs logo featured a green emblem with a smiley crocodile, overlapping the first letter “C”, accompanied by a monochrome wordmark in bold custom sans-serif font with thin white lines. The playful green tagline “Get a Grip” was placed under the main inscription.

2006 – 2009

Crocs Logo 2006

In 2006, Crocs underwent a redesign which resulted in the latter version of the logo. It features a solid emblem with a black and white outlined crocodile on a black background. The lowercase wordmark is written in a bold rounded sans-serif font and is positioned below the emblem. Although not commonly used, the brand also has a reversed color option and a logotype without any additional graphics.

2019 – Today

Crocs Logo

In the most recent rendition, the iconic crocodile remains a central element, albeit represented symbolically and integrated innovatively to resemble a pair of crocs. The foremost section of the footwear mimics the elongated snout of an alligator, complete with a pair of diminutive apertures symbolizing nostrils. The creature’s eyes are portrayed using dots of a contrasting hue, strategically positioned on elevated contours. These raised features are meticulously crafted to create an opening—a sabot hole—through which the foot is inserted. The brand’s nomenclature maintains its stylistic continuity with preceding logos, remaining unaltered. This innovative design illustrates a thoughtful blend of symbolism and functionality, infusing iconic elements with practical design, ensuring brand identity is retained while offering a fresh, modern aesthetic appeal to the consumers. This evolution in design signifies a commitment to brand heritage while embracing contemporary design elements, ensuring relevance and appeal in the evolving market landscape. The unique integration of the legendary crocodile in the design serves as a constant reminder of the brand’s legacy and its journey through the evolving fashion landscape.


Crocs Emblem

The Crocs logo’s typeface, although similar to AG Book Rounded BQ-Bold, has distinctive features. While the font may have served as the foundation, the designer made adjustments to the proportions of the characters and the thickness of the lines to create a one-of-a-kind wordmark.


Crocs Symbol

There is a neon green version of the Crocs logo that is used by the brand. It is a colorful variation of the original black and white logo, which gives the brand a more vibrant and playful look. The neon green color is often associated with Crocs’ signature clogs and is used on their products and marketing materials.