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Salomon is a renowned sports equipment brand that originated in France. Francois Salomon and his family founded it. They designed it to serve the needs of outdoor and sports enthusiasts. The brand began by creating innovative ski bindings but soon expanded to a wider range of outdoor sports gear, including footwear and apparel.

Meaning and history

Salomon Logo history

Salomon was established in 1947 in Annecy, France. Originally, it specialized in ski bindings. Over the decades, Salomon has expanded its product lines to include high-performance footwear, apparel, and equipment for various outdoor sports. Key milestones include the introduction of its first ski boot in 1979, entering the hiking footwear market in 1992, and launching its trail running shoes in 2001. Each product release focused on enhancing the performance and comfort of athletes in their respective environments.

What is Salomon?
Salomon is a brand synonymous with outdoor sports and innovation. It offers equipment, footwear, and apparel designed to enhance the performance of athletes and adventurers. The brand is particularly noted for its contributions to skiing and trail running.

1996 – 2012

Salomon Logo 1996

The Salomon logo features a bold, abstract design. Two curved shapes intertwine, suggesting motion and unity. Predominantly black, the forms create a dynamic swirl. Below, “SALOMON” appears in capital letters, asserting the brand’s identity with clarity. The overall effect is modern and energetic, reflecting the brand’s commitment to outdoor sports and performance gear.

2012 – 2022

Salomon Logo 2012

This Salomon logo marks a shift towards a more simplified design. The stylized “S” sits boldly within a rectangle, conveying a strong, clear identity. Below, the brand name is spelled out in lowercase, offering a contrast to the capitalized “S” and balancing the logo’s presence. The design is clean and minimalistic, reflecting a modern approach to branding.

2022 – Today

Salomon Logo

This updated Salomon logo simplifies its design, discarding all but the essentials. It eliminates the prior logo’s graphic and showcases the name “SALOMON” in stark, black uppercase letters.  This shift signifies a step towards stark minimalism. The uniformity in the font size creates a strong and unadorned statement, reinforcing brand recognition through simplicity and boldness.