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Marked out for her bold designs, Vivienne Westwood was a renowned fashion innovator from the UK. Her creations are well-known worldwide for their unexpected combination of textures, bold patterns, and daring cuts. Westwood gained prominence in the 1970s as a pivotal figure in the punk rock community and has become a highly influential designer in the years to come. Her works challenge conventional notions of femininity and masculinity, while also combining streetwear and high fashion styles.

Meaning and history

Westwood played a major role in shaping punk fashion in the 1970s. She co-managed the store SEX, which became a gathering place for early members of this movement. Her unique designs challenged conventional gender norms and merged streetwear with high fashion. Westwood’s collaborations with Gary Ness yielded collections like Savages, Punkature, and Worlds End, each with its theme. After parting ways with McLaren, she continued to design under the Worlds End label and produced the mini-crini, which combined the crinoline with the miniskirt.

In 2007, Westwood was commissioned to design academic gowns for King’s College London after it was granted the authority to award degrees. Her unique take on traditional robes was unveiled in 2008, emphasizing the link between the past, present, and future. Through her work, she seeks to make a statement and encourage change.

Westwood’s designs showcase her values and personal style. She sought to provoke a reaction with her clothing, using them to highlight social issues.

What is Vivienne Westwood?
Vivienne Westwood, a UK fashion innovator, is famous for her unconventional and daring designs. She rose to prominence in the 1970s punk rock scene and has become a highly influential designer challenging traditional fashion boundaries. Westwood is also an outspoken environmental and political activist.

1970s – today

Vivienne Westwood Logo

The Vivienne Westwood brand is famous due to its logo. It s developed with an artistic touch that gives it a daring and sophisticated appearance. Each character in the creator’s name is treated like a piece of art, with its unique details. This design style reflects the label’s goods, not just garments to cover the body but statement pieces.

The Vivienne Westwood logo also features a royal-inspired graphic symbol upper the name caption, adding a hint of regal sophistication to the design. Alongside the sign, Vivienne utilizes a “V” pictogram that features the premier character of the word “Vivienne.” This pictogram is often used as a secondary logo to create a more streamlined and modern appearance.


Vivienne Westwood Symbol

The Vivienne Westwood logo features a script with serifs, that was custom-made for the modelier’s label. The font features sharp and slim curves at the edges of the thick and rounded lines of the letterforms, giving it a distinctive and stylish look. The use of a custom script underscores the commitment to creativity and individuality – the core values of the Vivienne Westwood label.


Vivienne Westwood Emblem

While the primary hue of the Vivienne Westwood logo is black, it frequently uses bold and bright colors in its clothing designs, including vibrant reds and greens. Additionally, some variations of the logo include a splash of color, such as the iconic red orb emblem that is often used alongside the brand name. The monochrome coloring of the Vivienne Westwood logo allows the brand’s unique typography and emblem to take center stage, while also serving as a nod to the timeless elegance of high fashion.