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Bottega Veneta is an Italian high fashion brand that is notable for its high-performance handbags and accessories made from leather. They’re also famous for their high-quality shoes, fragrances, jewelry, as well as many other types of self-adornment goods.  The brand was founded in 1966, and since then it grew into one of the most successful and largest Italian fashion labels because it makes simple, compact, and at the same time stylish and beautiful products for men and women of various sizes and ages.

Meaning and history

If you’re a businessman of the 19th and 20th century, usually you at least two ways to name your company: first, you could call it after yourself; second, you could call it after the place of foundation. The company founders, Michele Taddei and Renzo Zengiaro decided to choose the second way. The company name derives from the Veneto region, where it was founded, and translates from Italian as ‘Venetian Shop’. And as it is with many other brands of fashion clothes, their logotype is just an inscription with their name, which they put on the clothes, signboards, and advertisement blocks.

What is Bottega Veneta?
Bottega Veneta is a brand of fashion clothes and accessories, which was founded in 1966 and is located in Italy, region of Veneto. Their name derives from the place of foundation and translates as ‘Venetian shop’. Bottega Veneta is popular for its high-quality handbags and accessories, although the list of their products also includes various aroma odorants, footwear, jewelry, et cetera. They’re popular because they make beautiful and comfortable male and female wares, which justify their high price and luxury status.

1966 – today

Bottega Veneta Logo

The brand logotype depicts a clear, bright, and elegant plate with the name of the company. Their nameplate features a custom typeface. It has an even font with thin straight lines and small serifs of capitalized letters. There is no background of the letters, which allows the brand designers to place the nameplate on various areas without any risk.


Bottega Veneta Symbol

The uppercase Bottega Veneta nameplate is close to an elegant style with condensed thin lines. The characters appear to be more even and straighter, though their length and width don’t have equal proportions.


Bottega Veneta Emblem

The coloring of the words is usually black, though there are versions of white wordmark located on the black background. Actually, the colors of the nameplates are quite conventional, because they may be easily changed depending on the background and situation in which the logotype is used. These features let the brand designers depict distinctive, stylish, and smooth letters.