Democrat Logo

The Democrat Party is one of the two worthwhile political parties present in the American Congress, alongside the Republican Party. Their key values are personal freedom, tolerance and other generally liberal views, as opposed to the mostly conservative Republicans.

Meaning and History

Democrat Logo history

The Party was formed back in 1828 after several initial parties have broken into factions and finalized into what would later become known as the Democrats and the Republicans. It means that the Democrats are amongst the oldest continuous parties in the world.

1828 – present

Democrat Logo-1828

For the longest time, the Democrats were associated with an image of a donkey. They used it since 1828, although it wasn’t always exactly the same. It was always, however, a silhouette of a ‘jackass’ with some American colors on it. The latest one is one half dark blue and one half red, with 4 white stars and a stripe between the two colors.

2010 – today

Democrat Logo

Although the Party has been very closely associated with a donkey (being the main image used to identify the part for over the century), they didn’t really have an official logo until 2010, when this emblem came to be.

It’s the uppercase letter ‘D’ put in the center of a white circle, which is further outlined with a thick ring. Both the letter and the outline are azure blue, which has been the favorite color of the democrats since time immemorial.

Emblem and Symbol

Although the donkey is by far the more iconic Democrat symbol, they never official adopted it as an official party image. They did use it extensively since 1870s, and they still do – usually in a modernized ‘kicking jackass’ style (where before it was quite stationary and docile).