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Grand Theft Auto V, which is also simply called GTA 5 or GTA V, is the fifteenth game in the Grand Theft Auto series, made in the Action/Sandbox genre. Three beloved characters with unique abilities all in one game, a classic plot, gang fights, robberies, racing, shooting, and other elements make this game exceptional. The players are given complete freedom of action. They can travel around the city and its surroundings, rob and steal, or live a simple life of an ordinary person.

Meaning and History

The release of Grand Theft Auto V at the end of 2013 can be called one of the most successful games created in the last few years. The game exceeded all expectations of the gamers, collecting more than 95 points on Metacritic and grossing over a billion dollars in the first week. GTA V game continues the series of mega-popular 3D TPS action games in the open world. Rockstar Games managed to keep the old GTA theme, but improve it and bring something new.

What is Grand Theft Auto V?
GTA V is an action game. The game has taken all the best that has been in Rockstar games over the past ten years. The gamers can enjoy the largest and most detailed world ever created by Rockstar Games.

2013 – Today

Grand Theft Auto V Logo

The emblem is simple, yet it stands out against any background. The name of the game is written in three lines with the middle line being indented. Although all the letters were white and lowercase, they popped thanks to multiple lines that created a dynamic border. The thickest border was black, which was followed by a thinner gray around the outer edge. On the inside, the letters had very light lines that gave them a 3D look. All the letters were very close to each other and interconnected with the black outline. At the end of the last line, the logo had a large “V” with a curved banner across it that stated “Five” in 3D black uppercase letters. The banner was white with black lines that gave it some volume. The roman number five had a gradient green inside with a very delicate net pattern. It also had a black border that was followed by a white one and then black again that partially joined the wordmark. Overall, the emblem was just as memorable and impressive as the game itself.