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Harley-Davidson, an emblem of freedom and power on two wheels, was born from the dreams of William S. Harley and the Davidson brothers, Arthur, Walter, and William, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in 1903. Crafted in a small shed marked “The Motor Company”, their motorcycles became symbols of the American spirit, engineering prowess, and a culture of adventure. Initially designed to add muscle to the pedal bicycle, Harley-Davidsons evolved into iconic road beasts, embodying the ethos of exploration and the joy of the open road.

Meaning and history

Harley Davidson Logo history

Founded in 1903, Harley-Davidson emerged from a Milwaukee shed. Initially a partnership, it became iconic for American motorcycles. The company faced ups and downs, thriving in the 1910s, selling military bikes during wars. Post-WWII, competition intensified, especially from Japanese manufacturers. In 1969, AMF bought Harley, boosting production but facing quality issues. In 1981, employees led a buyback, reviving its legacy. The ’90s saw growth and brand expansion. The 2000s brought challenges, yet Harley adapted, focusing on innovation and global markets. Through ownership changes and market shifts, Harley-Davidson remains a symbol of freedom and craftsmanship.

What is Harley Davidson?
Harley-Davidson stands as a titan of the road, weaving the essence of freedom into the roar of its engines. Born from a blend of innovation and passion, it’s not just a motorcycle brand but a legacy on wheels, symbolizing the relentless pursuit of adventure across the globe.

1910 – 1953

Harley Davidson Motorcycles Logo 1910

The logo presents a steely grey heraldic badge, boasting bold, black-edged lettering that spells “Harley-Davidson” atop. “Motor” crowns the design, while “Cycles” anchors it, both in a stout, no-nonsense font. A subdued backdrop lets the storied marque stand out, encased in a classic shield shape, a nod to tradition and resilience. The design evokes a sense of vintage Americana, a timeless emblem for the road-warrior’s steed. It’s simple yet stately, a visual chant of legacy and craftsmanship.

1953 – 1981

Harley Davidson Motorcycles Logo 1953

In this evolution, the logo gleams with a celebration of heritage, marked by “50 YEARS” at its crown, a milestone tribute. Below, the familiar “Harley-Davidson” script gains prominence, emboldened and underscored, reflecting half a century of mastery. The shield, now bearing “AMERICAN MADE”, is a proud declaration of its roots, a pledge of quality and patriotism. The entire emblem is encased in a winged crest, symbolizing freedom and the soaring spirit of the brand’s journey.

1981 – Today

Harley Davidson Motorcycles Logo

This iteration bursts with a stark contrast of orange and black, a vivid call to the eye. The “Motor” and “Cycles” frame “Harley-Davidson” which proudly takes center stage, a testament to the brand’s focus. The shield is simplified, direct, evoking a modern, clean energy. Gone are the celebratory markings, replaced with a focus on name and craft, a visual chant of brand identity and presence. This logo is less about heritage and more about brand recognition, signaling a forward thrust into the future.