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Hubba Bubba is a brand of bubble gum renowned for its ability to create large bubbles. The Wrigley Company developed this gum. They crafted it in the United States. The purpose of Hubba Bubba was to provide a fun, less sticky chewing gum that children could enjoy and easily peel off their skin.

Meaning and History

Hubba Bubba Logo history

The Wrigley Company introduced Hubba Bubba in 1979. They marketed it as a fun, less sticky option compared to standard bubble gums, which were notoriously difficult to remove from skin. Initially launched in the US, Hubba Bubba quickly gained popularity among children for its playful nature and various flavors. Over the decades, the brand expanded globally, evolving its flavor offerings and packaging. The gum’s name, “Hubba Bubba”, was chosen to evoke fun and playfulness, aiming to attract a youthful audience. Throughout its history, Hubba Bubba has remained a popular brand under the Wrigley umbrella, adapting to changing tastes and trends in the candy industry.

What is Hubba Bubba?
Hubba Bubba is a popular brand of bubble gum that offers a variety of flavors. It is designed to be less sticky, making it easier for kids to handle and clean up. The gum is famous for allowing the creation of big bubbles, making it a fun choice for gum enthusiasts.

1979 – 1988

Hubba Bubba Logo 1979

The logo displayed features a vibrant design with a playful twist. Composed of chunky, bubble-like letters, it bursts with a bright red and yellow color scheme. The lettering’s uneven, bouncy form captures the essence of fun, mirroring the joy of blowing bubbles. Each character in the brand’s name curves and bulges, suggesting the gum’s elasticity and appeal. The color palette is reminiscent of classic bubble gum, immediately evoking a sense of nostalgia and cheerfulness. This emblem stands out boldly, its whimsical style resonating with a youthful, energetic audience.

1988 – 1994

Hubba Bubba Logo 1988

The updated logo pivots to a monochromatic theme, shedding the previous vibrancy for a stark black and white palette. Bold, clean lines define each letter, a stark contrast to the earlier playful coloration. There’s a dynamic sense of movement in the tilted stance of the text, inferring the fun of bubble blowing. Shadows cast behind the letters add depth, hinting at the layers and texture of bubble gum. This redesign simplifies the visual, focusing on form over color, aligning with a more modern aesthetic. The essence of the brand remains, encapsulated now in the strength of shape and contrast.

1994 – 1998

Hubba Bubba Logo 1994

This iteration of the logo reintroduces color, with a punchy blue outline enclosing a bright yellow fill. The blue contour gives a 3D effect, enhancing the text’s presence. Unlike the previous monochrome, this version pops with energy and playfulness. The font style remains robust and rounded, yet gains a new dimension through color contrast. It’s a vivid call back to the logo’s lively roots, aiming to catch the eye and evoke a cheerful, zesty vibe. The use of blue and yellow together injects a dose of freshness, embodying the gum’s fun spirit.

1998 – Today

Hubba Bubba Logo

In this version, the logo bursts with a new background – a purple, bubble-shaped canvas. “Wrigley’s” is now etched atop, showcasing the brand’s heritage. Vivid red outlines encircle the yellow letters, intensifying their prominence. The palette is zestier, with the contrast dial turned up, and the whole design pops with a glossy sheen. It’s a visual upgrade that amplifies impact, aligning with a contemporary, high-energy vibe. This design suggests a tangy flavor burst, reminiscent of the gum’s zing. The integration of the parent company’s name lends credibility, connecting the product to its well-established lineage.