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Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) stands as the world’s largest bank by assets. The Chinese government established it to provide banking services to industrial and commercial operators. It was created in Beijing and aimed to foster economic development within China.

Meaning and history

ICBC Logo history

ICBC was founded on January 1, 1984. Its establishment marked a significant step in China’s economic reform policies aimed at modernizing its financial sector. Over the years, ICBC has played a crucial role in supporting China’s economic growth, expanding its services globally. Key milestones include its public listing on the Hong Kong and Shanghai stock exchanges in 2006, becoming one of the largest IPOs at the time. The bank has continued to expand its international presence, opening branches worldwide to facilitate global trade and economic activities.

What is ICBC?
ICBC, or Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, is a major global banking institution. It provides a vast array of financial services ranging from deposits and loans to asset management and insurance services. As a state-owned entity, it plays a pivotal role in China’s financial landscape.

Before 2006

BankBoston Logo before 2006

The BankBoston logo features a dynamic, azure-hued eagle in mid-ascent, symbolizing freedom and financial soaring. Enclosed in a jade oval, the numbers “1784” represent the bank’s establishment year, signifying a rich history. The bank’s name, rendered in a bold, capitalized sans-serif font, anchors the emblem with a modern edge. The use of blue in “Bank” contrasts with the brighter blue of “Boston”, underscoring the institution’s prominence and its connection to the historic city. This logo conveys stability, heritage, and forward momentum.

2006 – 2013

Standard Bank Logo 2006

Inside the shield of the Standard Bank logo, there is an interpretation of a flag, depicted through stylized lines. These lines create a sense of motion, indicative of progress and forward movement. The design’s simplicity eschews complexity for a clean, modern look that still conveys the heritage and stability of a flag, traditionally a symbol of identity and unity. The choice of blue reinforces a sense of trust and professionalism, key attributes for a financial institution. This minimalistic yet meaningful approach reflects a bank that values innovation while honoring its commitments.

2013 – Today


The ICBC logo pivots to a stark contrast of bold black lettering and a crimson seal. This seal, a traditional Chinese symbol of authenticity and trust, is encased in a red circle, embodying unity and global reach. The typeface of “ICBC” is solid, reflecting strength and stability. This design, devoid of imagery like eagles or shields, leans on cultural symbolism and typography to convey its message. The red and black color scheme reinforces a sense of authority and power, setting it apart from the blues typically used in banking. The logo’s alignment of East meets West mirrors ICBC’s position as a bridge in international finance.