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Indian Motorcycle, established in 1901, stands as America’s pioneering motorcycle company. Currently, it produces a wide range of high-quality cruiser, touring, and street bikes. The brand is celebrated for its rich heritage, iconic designs, and innovation in two-wheeled transportation. North America remains its primary market, though it enjoys a growing global presence. Since 2011, Indian Motorcycle has been under the ownership of Polaris Industries, a leading power sports company. The brand’s current focus emphasizes both its legacy and commitment to modern advancements in motorcycle technology.

Meaning and history

Indian Motorcycle, born in 1901 in Springfield, Massachusetts, swiftly became a force in the early motorcycling world. Founded by George M. Hendee and Oscar Hedstrom, the brand first made its mark with its reliable and innovative designs. By the 1910s, Indian had become the largest motorcycle manufacturer globally.

However, the golden era didn’t last forever. Despite initial successes and setting motorcycle speed records in the 1920s, the company faced financial hardships post-WWII. Changes in ownership marked the mid-20th century, with various attempts to revive the brand. The original company went bankrupt in 1953, leading to several entities producing motorcycles under the “Indian” name.

The brand saw numerous ownership changes over the subsequent decades, each attempting to capture the spirit and heritage of the original Indian Motorcycle. In 2011, a significant turn came when Polaris Industries, known for their prowess in power sports, acquired the brand. Under Polaris, Indian Motorcycle experienced a renaissance. Production methodologies were updated, and a renewed focus on blending heritage with modern technology became the brand’s hallmark.

Today, after surviving a tumultuous journey of ownerships and evolving production methodologies, Indian Motorcycle is celebrated not just for its storied past but also for its contemporary innovations, cementing its legacy as an iconic American motorcycle brand.

1901 – Today

Indian Motorcycle Logo

The emblematic logo showcases a symbolic historic figure – an indigenous tribesman. This emblem mirrors the liberty, autonomy, untamed spirit, and genuine engineering behind every Indian Motorcycle creation. The Native American’s profile is defiantly raised, symbolizing forward momentum and resilience against all odds. His prominent, slightly arched nose is true to indigenous facial features. His traditional headgear sports seven feathers, each varying in length. They’re anchored to a headband which wraps around the forehead. This band expands in the middle, with a lone braid peeking out, customary tied at its end. Alongside these feathers, the motorcycle brand’s name is inscribed, stretching over two lines and aligned symmetrically. The indigenous figure also acts as a backdrop, with scattered white patterns, painting a vivid image of the tribesman.