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Indiana University is one of the largest higher education institutions in America, with eight campuses. The Bloomington campus is recognized as one of the best college campuses in the United States: on its territory, there are scientific laboratories, libraries, a large arts center, 13 sports fields, theaters, clubs, as well as educational buildings. Business and music programs at Indiana University are among the best.

Meaning and History

Indiana University Logo history

The history of Indiana University begins back in 1820 when the first foundation for the buildings was laid. Training started in 1824. Five years later, the small educational institution grew into a college, and nine years later it began to be called a university. In 1883, Indiana University suffered a major fire that destroyed the entire campus, then located in downtown Bloomington. A new campus was built in the east of the city by the beginning of the 20th century. The famous Jacobs School of Music in the USA dates back to 1921.

What is Indiana University?
Indiana University is one of the largest research universities in the USA. The university is known for its achievements in medicine, biology, and genetics. Innovation, creativity, and academic freedom are the hallmarks of a world-class university with students from 140 countries.

1976 – 1982

Indiana University Logo 1976

The logo of the university was simple and minimalistic from the very start. The logo consisted of a trident done using thick lines. The ends that resembled bracketed slab serifs created a perfect combination of smooth curves and straight lines and cuts. Although it might seem that the logo is oversimplified as there even no inscription, it has a great symbolism behind it. As the university declares, it stands for their story, strength, and legacy.

1982 – 2002

Indiana University Logo 1982

Although the university continued to use the trident as its symbol it had a completely different feel. The smooth curves were replaced by straight and diagonal corners. The shape had a three-dimensional appearance, which enhanced the solid and serious look of the emblem. The red color, which only slightly changed its shade to a brighter version, stands for passion, leadership, ambition, confidence, and other qualities that the university is proud of. The black, which served as an outline, added elegance and sophistication.

2002 – Today

Indiana University Logo

There are no inscriptions in this logo, but the trident symbol became closely associated with Indiana University. Although the black outline and three-dimensional look were gone, the designers preserved a more angular and vertically elongated shape of the emblem. In fact, they simply made the rectangular slabs not so thick compared to the other lines. The shade of the red color was kept the same, although it looked brighter since there was no black in the logo.

Font and Color

Indiana University Emblem

The color red, which is used by the university in all of its logos, symbolizes strength, energy, power, and victory. In the world of design, red logos symbolize youth, energy, passion, confidence, determination, excitement, and courage. For twenty years, the university also had a black color in its logo. It has a lot in common with red when it comes to meaning, but this color is also considered to look sophisticated and classy. There are no inscriptions in any Indiana University logo versions.