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Lexus is a division of Toyota, the largest manufacturer of luxury cars. The cars produced by the Toyota company had a reputation for being reliable and economical, which is not associated with the concept of luxury. Entering the luxury market required the creation of a new brand, so Lexus was born. The country of origin of Lexus is Japan, where most of the factories are located. For sales in North America, some models are assembled at the Cambridge, Canada factory.

Meaning and History

Lexus Logo history

The official date for the appearance of the Lexus brand is considered to be August 1983, when Eiji Toyoda, announced that “the corporation should create an executive class car” at the board of directors meeting. In the middle of the summer of 1985, the work on the first prototype of the Lexus LS 400 was completed, although the public saw the first model almost three years later. Sales started in September next year. The year 2005 marks the start of a new era for the Lexus brand with the release of the world’s first hybrid. The name “Lexus” itself is a combination of several words: Luxury, Elegance, or Excellence.

What is Lexus?
Although this brand does not exist as long as many others, it has made a name for itself as a luxury automobile. The modern Lexus is no longer just a representative car, made in the prestigious classic style, it is a fantastic car of the future, made with the highest quality.

1989  – Today

Lexus Logo 1989

The logo features very smooth, fluid lines that reflect the elegant, and luxurious designs of its automobiles. At the same time, there are sharp, pointy terminals and ascenders that reflect the modern, technologically advanced features of the brand. To the left or above the brand name, there is an oval shape with the brand initial. The stylized “L”, which is said to be drawn using a mathematical formula, is very slanted and becomes one with an oval frame. The latter is meant to draw a connection between its parent company, which also uses an oval shape in its logo, and the brand itself.

2023 – Today

Lexus Logo

The redesign of the Lexus logo of 2023 has shown the brand from the new side — the minimalistic badge, which now features only a capitalized lettering in a sleek sans-serif font, written across the narrow horizontally-oriented plate, represents progress and dynamics of the brand, and reflects its confidence and growth.

Font and Color

Lexus Emblem

The logo is done in black, which has always been the color of elegance, sophistication, and power. It is a truly timeless, classic color choice. Its 3D metallic silver version looks even more exquisite and impressive. The silver gives the emblem a modern appearance. It is not surprising that the sans-serif font used in the logo has been designed specifically for the brand. It looks very elegant, futuristic, and worthy of a well-recognized brand. A similar font has been designed by Iconian Fonts and is called Alexis.