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Mentos are scotch mints known for their texture and variety of flavors. The Van Melle company in the Netherlands created them. Initially, they were developed as a peppermint candy. Over time, Mentos has become popular worldwide.

Meaning and History

Mentos Logo history

Mentos, the iconic mint, began under the Van Melle banner in the Netherlands. Starting as a peppermint candy, it quickly gained traction. By mid-century, the brand went international, expanding reach and flavor. Innovation marked its journey, diversifying into fruit and sugar-free variants. The ’90s saw a major marketing success with “The Freshmaker” campaign. Italian corporation Perfetti Van Melle arose from a merger, inheriting Mentos. It continued evolving the product line, maintaining global affection and presence. The brand’s trajectory reflects adaptability and smart growth, anchoring it firmly in candy history.

What is Mentos?
Mentos is a brand of chewy mints. These mints are distinctive for their crunchy shell and chewy core. They come in various flavors, including mint and fruit assortments. The brand is famous globally, often associated with freshness and innovation.

1932 – 1975

Mentos Logo 1932

In the logo, the word “mentos” is written in a sans-serif font. It utilizes lowercase letters in a deep royal blue hue. The lettering is evenly spaced, conveying a modern and clean aesthetic.  Overall, it’s simple yet memorable, reflecting the brand’s straightforward approach to providing fresh, enjoyable mints.

1975 – 2000

Mentos Logo 1975

In the updated Mentos logo, the letters have adopted a more rounded, softer profile, which enhances its approachability. The color remains a deep blue, signifying reliability. Each character is crafted to appear fuller, which may resonate with the brand’s offer of flavor-filled mints. The letter “s” curls more distinctly, suggesting a sense of enjoyment and satisfaction, traits aligned with the candy experience. This evolution subtly nods to the brand’s enduring legacy while staying fresh and contemporary.

2000 – 2006

Mentos Logo 2000

The evolution of the Mentos logo showcases a refreshed design, maintaining the signature royal blue color. The letters now possess increased roundness, suggesting a friendly and accessible brand personality. Notably, the ‘e’ and ‘s’ feature a more pronounced curve, emphasizing the logo’s fluidity and the product’s smooth experience. This modernized logo retains the essence of Mentos while projecting a contemporary image that aligns with the current tastes and design trends.

2006  – Today

Mentos Logo

This iteration of the Mentos logo adds a dynamic twist with a 3D effect. The blue color is now graded, adding depth and vitality. Shadowing on the letters gives an impression of light sourcing, hinting at dimensionality and tangibility. This visual tweak might suggest the multidimensional flavor experience Mentos offers. The typography remains rounded, but with added shadows, it stands out more prominently, ready to catch the eye of consumers looking for a burst of freshness.