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Microsoft Edge is a web browser developed by Microsoft. It was created as a replacement for Internet Explorer. The development took place primarily in the United States. Microsoft aimed to offer a faster, more secure, and more compliant web browser compared to its predecessor.

Meaning and history

Microsoft Edge Logo history

Microsoft introduced Edge in 2015 to modernize browser technology. It initially used Microsoft’s own EdgeHTML and Chakra engines. In 2020, Microsoft re-launched Edge based on the Chromium open-source project, enhancing compatibility with web standards. The shift to Chromium allowed for more frequent updates and extensions compatibility, aligning Edge with the broader web ecosystem. Microsoft has continued to integrate Edge across its Windows and Xbox platforms, emphasizing security and productivity features.

What is Microsoft Edge?
Microsoft Edge is a modern internet browser from Microsoft. It supports all contemporary web standards and features, such as extensions. Edge provides tools for privacy, security, and organizational productivity.


Project Spartan Logo 2015

The logo features a simple, blue globe icon. It uses bold lines to represent latitude and longitude. The design creates a sense of global connectivity. The globe is enclosed in a circle, emphasizing unity. The clean, minimalist style conveys modernity and efficiency. The blue color represents trust and reliability. The overall look is professional and straightforward. This logo effectively communicates an international scope. The bold lines ensure clarity and recognition. The design balances simplicity with strong symbolism.

2015 – 2021

Microsoft Edge Logo 2015

The new logo replaces the globe with a stylized blue “e”. The “e” features a sleek, modern design. It includes a curved line suggesting speed and movement. The previous logo’s bold lines are simplified. The new design emphasizes simplicity and efficiency. The blue color remains, representing trust and reliability. This change aligns with Microsoft’s rebranding of its web browser. The new logo is more recognizable and distinct. It reflects the modern web browsing experience offered by Microsoft Edge. The update signifies progress and innovation.

2019 – Today

Microsoft Edge Logo

The new logo introduces a wave-like design with blue and green hues. It replaces the previous stylized “e”. The colors transition smoothly, adding depth and modernity. The design symbolizes fluidity and dynamism. The logo suggests a fresh start for Microsoft Edge. It maintains the blue color, signifying trust and reliability. The addition of green introduces a sense of growth and innovation. The wave shape reflects speed and agility. This update aligns with Microsoft’s rebranding and modern web standards. The new logo enhances brand recognition and appeal.