MIT Logo

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, being one of the most prestige institutes of the US and the world, plays a key role in the development and the spread of modern technology, science and education. The main premises are located in Cambridge, Boston area, weirdly enough.

Meaning and History

To renovate the visual identity, the MIT decided to make a new logo, which was meant to introduce the principles of a curious, smart and scientific spirit of the Institute’s community. The logo was finalized in 2003, although the Institute had a boring official seal before then.

What is MIT?
MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) is a prestigious research university located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. It is renowned for its cutting-edge advancements in science, engineering, and technology, and is a hub for innovation, entrepreneurship, and academic excellence.

2003 – Today

MIT Logo

The current logo of the institute is the inscription ‘MIT’, written in the simple and clear, but also futuristic style. They basically used lines, squares (the basic shapes, generally) to form the institute’s name, in acronym, of course. The colors are red and grey, with red given the most space on the canvas.

Emblem and Symbol

MIT Emblem

Before the modern logo, there was a seal, which MIT used as its mark for documents since the foundation in 1861.

It is the circular mark made in red color, which represents the two men, one of which holds the hummer, while the other one reads a book. Between them, there is a desk with three books which have the inscription ‘Science and Arts’, and a wreath with the year of the foundation. Also, there is the name of the institute written circle-wise.