Most Famous Logos With An Arrow

The arrow is a versatile and intriguing symbol that can convey a wide range of messages in a visual identity. Arrows symbolize power, aspiration, and direction, as well as represent movement, progression, and innovation. Despite its association with masculinity, skilled designers can manipulate the arrow to evoke a softer, more delicate feel or amplify its brutal edge, creating a sharp and assertive image.

The arrow is a powerful element that adds a cutting edge to any logo, representing a brand that refuses to be content with mediocrity and instead embodies growth and progression. Whether it’s depicted as tender or heavy-handed, the arrow represents a company that is always moving forward.

Subway, renowned for its emblem featuring arrow symbols, is the world’s largest chain of fast-food restaurants, operating on the franchise principle. Offering submarine sandwiches as its main product, the stylized wordmark in yellow and green showcases two arrows at “S” and “Y”, symbolizing movement and eating on the go. The growth and development connotations of arrows align with Subway’s ongoing expansion, as it opens new locations globally.

NOS Energy Drink

Logo NOS Energy Drink

NOS Energy Drink, now produced by Monster Beverage and licensed to Holley Performance, was once the property of The Coca-Cola Company. Its distinctive bottle, shaped like a NOS tank, is no longer in use. The right-pointing arrow on the NOS logo conveys the brand’s forward momentum, willingness to change, and desire to grow. The elongated bar of the letter “N” spans the entire logo like a roof, complementing the arrow.


Logo Toshiba

Toshiba, a leader in office and consumer electronics developed in Japan’s largest research center, boasts a simple, sharp, and clean arrow logo. Two gray triangular elements pointing to the right are placed under the logotype, both of the same sizes but different shades of gray, exuding movement and energy. These arrows also resemble a forward remote button, demonstrating Toshiba’s innovative and confident approach to the future.


Logo Amazon

Amazon, the world’s largest e-commerce and public-cloud computing platform company, boasts a famous arrow logo symbolizing the company’s strength and wide range of products. The bold arched orange arrow in the insignia starts at the first letter and finishes at the fourth, stretching from “A” to “Z”, emphasizing Amazon’s vast offerings. The arrow also creates a smile, adding friendliness and kindness to the badge and highlighting the client as the company’s top priority.

Burton Snowboards

Logo Burton Snowboards

The upturned arrow in Burton Snowboards’ monochrome logo represents a stylized lowercase letter “B”, the first letter of the company name. It also embodies the brand’s sport orientation and upward movement. The Burton arrow, with its rounded angles and sharp lines, looks powerful and modern.


Logo AMD

AMD, a leading U.S. manufacturer of integrated circuit electronics, showcases a straight and sharp green arrow on its logo. Composed of two chevron-line details facing different directions, the diagonal orientation of the arrow adds strength and masculinity to its simple logotype.

Carrefour SA

Logo Carrefour SA

Carrefour SA, a French retail company, takes its name from the French word for “crossroads,” reflected in the two facing arrows on its logo. The “VC” between the arrows depicts the intersection, while the two arrows boast unique and elegant shapes in the French national flag color palette.


Logo Citroën

Citroën, a French automobile company, features an instantly recognizable chevron emblem on its logo. The arrows symbolize the brand’s founder’s invention, the chevron pinion, used in the first cars’ production. The simple yet iconic logo represents not only the brand’s history but also its growth and progressiveness.


Logo Emerica

Emerica, a world-famous shoe brand born from the skater movement, showcases a triangle on its logo pointing upwards and symbolizing a mountain peak. The bottom line of the element also features a stylized white letter “E”. With excellent quality shoes designed for skaters, unique designs, and original advertising, Emerica has quickly gained the trust of its customers.


Logo Off-White

The premium Italian streetwear brand Off-White showcases a unique take on the arrow symbol with its visual identity. Designer Virgil Abloh masterfully infused the logo with his patented black and white stripes, transforming the existing emblem of Glasgow Airport. The resulting emblem with its alternating stripes can be seen not only on the brand label but also as a prominent feature on Off-White’s fashion products. The geometric and somewhat austere logo holds significant meaning, reflecting the brand’s specialization in street fashion for the city, characterized by simplicity and practicality.


Logo Tolentino

Tolentino-based swimwear brand, Arena, established in 1973, incorporates an arrow symbol in its visual identity like many other sports-related companies. However, Arena’s arrow symbol is stylized and made up of three geometric elements, each slightly spaced apart. Three solid rhombuses are positioned below a lowercase logotype in either black or white. The top two rhombuses have rounded upper corners while the bottom rhombus has straight, strong angles. The unique composition of the elements creates a memorable and visually intriguing logo.


Logo Speedo

The British swimwear brand, Speedo, which is part of the British Pentland Group, is known for its swim trunks and employs an arrow symbol in its visual identity. The sleek and sharp arrow, drawn in a contrasting bright red color, embodies progressiveness, motion, and of course, speed, which is the essence of the brand’s name and its products. The Speedo arrow has tails of different lengths, lending it a playful, unique touch while balancing the height of the letters in the logotype.


Logo Hi-Tec

Hi-Tec, a British brand that specializes in men’s and women’s footwear for various sports, tourism, and outdoor activities, also employs an arrow symbol in its visual identity. The elegant and thin arrow, facing to the left, is missing a section of its arrowhead, giving it a stylized key-like appearance. The white Hi-Tec arrow is placed over a solid black circle on the left side of the badge, softening its pointed angles and sophisticated sharpness, while still evoking a sense of motion.


Logo Pontiac

The now-defunct American car brand, Pontiac, which was manufactured between 1926 and 2009 and had its roots as an independent carriage company, also incorporated an arrow symbol in its visual identity. The arrowhead can be seen in the shape of the Pontiac crest, facing downward. The gradient red element is outlined in a voluminous silver frame, softening its contours while strengthening the contrast of the logo. The brand was named after the Grand Chief of the Ottawa Native Americans, and its logo was designed based on the red arrow, a symbol commonly associated with the Native Americans.

Wrigley’s Spearmint

Logo Wrigley's Spearmint

Wrigley’s Spearmint, the famous American chewing gum brand, features a bold green arrow in its logo. The arrow serves as the second half of the badge and the underline of the first, representing the brand’s main signifier both in meaning and color. The green of the arrow represents the mint flavor of the gum, but also symbolizes growth and development, with the arrow pointing to the right. The Wrigley’s Spearmint arrow is uninterrupted, flowing through the entire badge with strength and bravery, embodying the brand’s character.

Tangerine Bank

Logo Tangerine Bank

Tangerine Bank, one of the most popular banks in Canada, boasts a bright and energetic visual identity with its orange and white color palette and arrow symbol. The bank’s logo features a white mouse arrow cursor, placed diagonally above the last letter of the logotype, pointing upward and symbolizing progress and innovation.


Logo Chevron

The Chevron Corporation, one of the largest corporations in the world, is the top integrated energy company in the United States. Its logo is adorned with a striking chevron pattern, consisting of two horizontally aligned arrowheads pointing downwards, crafted from a folded ribbon in blue and red. This emblem embodies stability and growth, exhibiting a sense of reliability and trust.


Logo Macromedia

Macromedia Inc., a leading manufacturer of WEB-related programs, has a unique approach to using arrow symbols in its logo. It features a simple lowercase logotype with an extra-bold stylized letter “M” above it. The letter is formed by a thick black diagonal line and a triangular arrowhead pointing upwards in a tranquil lilac hue. The emblem symbolizes innovation and the leap toward a technological future, and its integration into the brand name is a double win.


Logo Sportmaster

The Sportmaster’s proprietary brand, Demix, is a sportswear, footwear, and equipment store. Like many other brands in the industry, it incorporates an arrow as the main symbol for its logo. The arrow is depicted in a sleek futuristic style with bold smooth lines, giving it a sharp and inspiring look. Facing right, it signifies speed and movement, perfectly suited for a sportswear brand catering to health-conscious individuals. The calm and modest color palette adds a touch of sophistication to the powerful design.

Dunlop Tires

Logo Dunlop Tires

Dunlop Tires, a leading car tire company and the official supplier of tires for Formula 1 from 1950 to 1977, uses its logo to exude speed. Its italicized wordmark and iconic yellow, red, and black emblem with a sharp arrow on the right, creates a visual spectacle. The circular composition of the emblem, resembling a bird in flight, makes it instantly recognizable. The combination of sharpness and softness in the thin lines of the arrow and the bold circular frame around the red “D”, creates a truly unique and memorable design.


Logo Diadora

Diadora, an Italian sportswear, footwear, and accessories manufacturer, has a stylized arrow on its logo that resembles a horizontal tick or abstract bird. The horizontal orientation of the arrow symbolizes motion and movement, central to the brand’s philosophy. The arrow, facing left and placed above the letter “O” in the wordmark, reinforces the brand’s essence.


Logo Volvo

Aktiebolaget Volvo, the renowned Swedish automaker known for its commercial vehicles, trucks, buses, engines, and equipment, has an emblem that is a symbol of the Roman god Mars. The Volvo logo, a circle with an arrow, represents an antique iron symbol, emphasizing the success of Sweden’s steel industry and the reliability and strength of its cars. The thin diagonal line running through the arrow on the brand’s car grilles adds to the iconic design.

Black Diamond Equipment

Logo Black Diamond Equipment

Black Diamond Equipment, an American climbing and skiing equipment company, has a simple and elegant geometric emblem on its logo. It consists of two arrow symbols placed next to a vertically oriented rhombus and a black chevron facing left. The significant white space between the two elements creates another arrow with its peak pointing left, representing the company’s name and sports orientation.

Delta Air Lines

Logo Delta Air Lines

Delta Air Lines, an American airline and a founding member of the SkyTeam passenger airline alliance, features a geometric composition of two elements on its logo. The design features a vertically oriented triangle, resembling a pyramid, with an arrowhead in two shades of red. The white negative space between the two parts of the red triangle creates an additional arrow-like element, adding volume and vibrancy to the design.


Logo Genius

Genius, a PC accessory brand owned by KYE System Corp of Taiwan, boasts one of the most recognizable logos in the world. The stylized mouse arrow cursor, depicted with a solid circle above it, creates an abstract human figure. The red, white, and black images draw in smooth lines with uneven edges, exuding a friendly yet professional vibe and evoking reliability, creativity, and simplicity.

Asiana Airlines

Logo Asiana Airlines

Asiana Airlines, a South Korean airline flying to over 100 destinations, is a member of Star Alliance. The airline’s emblem features upright arrows symbolizing flight, speed, and growth. The minimalist design comprises two thick diagonal lines with rounded ends, and the intense red color represents power, confidence, and security. The logo is friendly and welcoming, fostering loyalty and reliability.


Logo Yonex

Yonex, a Japanese manufacturer of sports equipment, including badminton, tennis, and golf equipment, has an iconic logo known worldwide. The emblem is composed of four geometric figures arranged in two levels, including two sharp triangles or arrows, and two solid circles. The design resembles stylized cherries, and badminton shuttles, and represents speed, motion, and development.

In-N-Out Burger

Logo In-N-Out Burger

In-N-Out Burger, an American fast-food chain, operates mainly in the southwestern United States and the Pacific Coast. The logo of the chain is bright and striking, designed with a yellow and red color palette and an arrow shaped like a boomerang. The In-N-Out arrow stands for the restaurant’s name, allowing diners to eat in or take their meal out.


Logo Greenpeace

Greenpeace, an international environmental organization, was founded in Canada in 1971. The organization’s logos have changed throughout history but have always used green to symbolize nature, new life, growth, and progress. The arrows around the planet on the logo represent the utilization and recycling processes crucial to the world’s ecology.


Logo Accenture

Accenture, a global IT company established in Ireland, values minimalism in its logotype. The company’s historic logos depict its name in black lowercase letters with a “>” sign above the “t” letter. The latest logo is colored purple.


Logo Ameriprise

Ameriprise, a provider of financial services from America, depicts its name in blue serif letters with a blue circle emblem featuring an 8-tip star and a blue arrowhead, resembling a compass.

The Avengers

Logo The Avengers

The Avengers, a primary brand in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, has a logo featuring their name written in tall black letters. The central bar on the “A” is turned into an arrow pointing right, with the arrowhead outlined to stand out.


Logo Hyster

Hyster, an American manufacturer of forklifts and similar equipment founded in 1929, has a logo featuring a square with a cross in the center, dividing the logo into four smaller sections. The central space is occupied by the company’s wordmark, and the square sections on the bottom left and top right are occupied by arrows pointing toward the center line. The colors are black and white or black and yellow.


Logo Lularoe

Lularoe is a premier American fashion brand specializing in women’s clothing. Established in 2012, their emblem is an eye-catching square comprised of 7 layers of vibrant colors. The same hues are used in the brand’s wordmark, positioned to the right of the emblem. The letters of the wordmark are formed by lines and various unique shapes, such as the triangular crowns adorning the long lines in the ‘L’ and ‘R’ characters, giving them the appearance of arrows.


Logo Onnit

Onnit is an American brand specializing in dietary supplements that support both physical and mental wellness. Their logo is simply the brand name in bold black letters, with the two adjacent lines of the ‘N’ letters extended to resemble arrows. The left arrow points upwards, while the right arrow points downwards, symbolizing growth and progress.


Logo Polestar

Polestar is a Swedish automaker renowned for producing high-performance hybrid sports cars, established in 1996. Their logo features two arrowhead symbols, arranged to form a star-like shape. The tips of the arrowheads are positioned at right angles, facing each other, with the horizontal lines in grey and the vertical lines in black.


Logo RTL-Most

RTL-Most is a Hungarian video streaming service that primarily airs popular shows and movies. Their logo features the word ‘Most’ written in lowercase grey letters, with the ‘o’ character depicted as a large red circle, featuring a round arrow within. Additionally, a small rectangle beneath the letter ‘M’ displays the letters ‘RTL’ in pale gray.


Logo Sukhoi

Sukhoi is a prominent Russian aircraft manufacturer founded in 1934, known for producing the popular Russian ‘Su’ planes. The brand’s logo features the company name in large blue letters, accompanied by a compass arrow emblem in a gray outline, set within a matching circle.


Logo Yamaha

Yamaha is a Japanese company renowned for selling musical instruments. Their logo showcases the brand name in tall black letters, positioned next to their emblem. The emblem is a circle featuring an intricate image in the center, with three lines converging in the middle to form a 3-point flower-like element, each tip adorned with a small arrow.