Most Famous Logos in Blue

Confidence and reliability are conveyed through the use of blue in logos, which is why it’s a common choice for finance and tech giants. However, variations in hue can add additional meanings; lighter shades exude a fresh and contemporary vibe, while dark blue typically represents professionalism and a conventional business outlook. The impact of blue also relies heavily on the other colors used in the logo’s palette. For example, when paired with white, blue enhances its values, while red or orange may appear less prominent. This article examines some of the most recognizable logos that incorporate a blue color scheme, showcasing how color plays a significant role in visual identity design. Brands and companies are listed in alphabetical order.

American Express

Logo American Express

American Express is a renowned financial corporation, with a global presence. This company offers an array of banking services, but it is particularly celebrated for its payment system, and credit and debit cards. The American Express logo showcases the lettering rendered in uppercase, against a striking bright square background. The letterforms exhibit the same light blue gradient as the square, however, due to the broad white contour, they seem more balanced. The bottom line of the text is slightly inclined to the right.


Logo ATT

AT&T, one of the world’s leading telecommunications companies, is known for its blue logo. This Fortune 500 behemoth showcases a logo that embodies a stylized blue and white sphere with dynamic swirling lines, exuding motion, and vitality. At times, the logo is accompanied by a straightforward inscription, set in a modern geometric sans-serif typeface, in dark gray or black, and written in uppercase letters. The light blue shade employed in the AT&T emblem is invigorating and conveys a sense of forward-thinking innovation.


Logo Boeing

The renowned aircraft manufacturer, Boeing, uses a brand identity that features a stylized abstract emblem, complemented by a substantial italicized name caption. The word is written in uppercase letters, set in a sleek geometric sans-serif typeface, and provides balance to the emblem’s thin lines. The emblem is a circular outline with a long orbit crossing it vertically, featuring sharpened tails and a bold tick representing an airplane on the right. The emblem’s blue shade is bright, making the logo eye-catching and memorable.


Logo Cisco

The visual identity of Cisco, the globally recognized technology company, boasts a logo that comprises a straightforward and chic design. It features a bold uppercase inscription in slightly narrowed letters with ample spacing between each character. Adding to the charm of the logo is a graphical element, which sits above the logotype and is made up of nine vertical lines of varying lengths. Cisco is involved in hardware and software production, and telecommunication equipment, and provides a range of services related to their products.


Logo Dell

Dell, the well-known producer of computers and computer accessories, sports a calm medium-blue hue in its logo. This shade evokes a feeling of stability and dependability, which is of the utmost importance for a company in the tech industry. The logo consists of a distinctive wordmark with a diagonally placed letter “E” encased in a circular frame of the same color. The lettering is presented in a bold geometric font with crisp lines and angles, providing a harmonious balance to the smooth and uncluttered shape of the frame.


Logo Disney

The Disney + logo boasts a vibrant blue color, showcased in a unique gradient palette. The iconic Disney lettering, in its recognizable cursive font, is written in a rich blue hue with a touch of purple The vertical bar of the accompanying “+” sign is slightly curved at its center, creating a base for the thin gradient line that sits atop the logo. This innovative design not only captures the essence of Disney but also adds a modern and dynamic touch to the brand.


Logo Facebook

Facebook, a well-known social media giant, has long been synonymous with the color blue. Though the hue may have shifted slightly over the years, it remains the sole shade utilized in their logo. The emblem features casual lowercase lettering in a sleek sans-serif font with bold lines and neat edges. The current iteration of the Facebook logo showcases a lively and energetic shade of blue that instills a sense of trust, reliability, and trustworthiness, while also exuding a friendly and approachable aura.


Logo Ford

The Ford Motor Company is a significant name in the automobile industry and one of the largest and oldest car manufacturers. It boasts a visually striking logo, embodied in a horizontally aligned oval medallion, with a rich and deep blue background. The badge is further accentuated with a double blue and white outline, adding dimension and depth to the design. At the center of the medallion lies the iconic white “Ford” lettering in a fluid cursive font, echoing Henry Ford’s signature. The deep blue hue chosen for the logo creates a sharp contrast with the white, exuding a sense of elegance and superiority.

General Electric

Logо General Electric

The logo of GE, also known as General Electric, stands out as a symbol of one of the largest conglomerates in the United States. The iconic logo is a tribute to tradition, with its elegant circular medallion sporting a soothing light blue background and crisp white outline. At the center, a white cursive monogram adds a touch of refinement, imbuing the logo with a sense of confidence and stability. With a presence in diverse sectors, including aircraft engines, energy, finance, and healthcare services, the blue color selection for the GE logo embodies trust and reliability in its various ventures.


Logo Gillette

Gillette, the brand of personal hygiene products, uses a dark shade of blue in its logo. The logotype, written in title case letters of an italicized sans-serif font, is set on a transparent background and evokes professionalism and reliability. The blue used in the logo helps to soften the bold and heavy lines of the letters, giving them a sense of elegance and emphasizing the quality of the company’s products.


Logo HP

HP, formerly known as Hewlett-Packard, is a well-considered American firm that has been producing computers and accessories for decades. Its logo, consisting of a blue circular background with the “HP” in white lowercase lettering, is recognizable worldwide. The white letters are slanted to the right and have elongated vertical bars, giving a cut-out appearance as they blend into the blue circle’s border. The calm dark shade of blue used for the logo represents stability and professionalism.


Logo IBM

The iconic brand IBM, a leader in the computer industry, is known for its instantly recognizable logo. The visual identity features a distinctive bold uppercase inscription in blue against a white background. The letters are highlighted by seven white stripes that cut through them horizontally, creating a symmetrical pattern with evenly spaced white and blue lines of equal width. The calming and clean blue color represents IBM’s commitment to professionalism, quality, and stability, exuding a sense of trust and excellence in the brand.


Logo Intel

The Intel logo stands out for its unique design. The light shade of blue used for the brand symbolizes its professional approach and commitment to stability. The oval frame adds a dynamic touch to the logo, while the lowercase sans-serif typeface conveys a sense of approachability and friendliness. The open contour line on the frame enhances the modern feel of the logo and adds an element of sophistication to the brand image.


Logo Nestle

Nestle is one of the world’s leading food companies. Its emblem, featuring a family of birds in a nest, is defined by delicate blue lines, while its recognizable logotype, written in a stylized capitalized font, has thick and fluid blue lines. The use of blue in the logo conveys a sense of professionalism and stability, while the emblem highlights the company’s traditional values and rich heritage.


Logo Nokia

The iconic mobile phone brand, Nokia, known for its glory days in the late 90s to early 2000s, boasts a globally recognized logo. The logo features bold, capital letters in a sleek sans-serif font, all in a vibrant shade of blue. The use of this deep and bright blue conveys the brand’s confidence and experience, while the simplicity of the logo emphasizes the quality of Nokia’s products. The lack of graphics in the logo is compensated by a modern typeface, making it a timeless symbol of the brand.


Logo Oral-B

The well-known brand, Oral-B, known for its toothbrushes and oral care products, showcases its dedication to hygiene and reliability through its blue and white color scheme in its logo. The Oral-B symbol consists of a rounded banner with solid blue coloring, a white outline, and a bold sans-serif font in white. The slightly italicized text enhances the impact of the logo, further emphasizing the brand’s dedication to quality.


Logo PG

Procter & Gamble, better known as P&G, is a well-known global consumer goods company that owns numerous brands. A significant portion of P&G’s brands are in the personal hygiene sector, so it’s pretty suitable for P&G to use a visual identity that showcases a dark shade of blue. The P&G logo features bold lettering with slightly slanted serif characters, paired with a smaller-sized ampersand in thin lines.


Logo PayPal

The combination of two shades of blue in PayPal’s logo creates a sense of security and reliability, which is essential in the world of online payments. The overlapping “P” in the emblem also symbolizes unity and seamless transactions. The use of sans-serif typeface in the logotype gives it a modern and tech-savvy look, emphasizing PayPal’s position as a leader in digital payments.


Logo Pfizer

The blue color in the Pfizer logo is used to convey professionalism, responsibility, and quality. The light and smooth shade of blue, combined with the bold and elegant lettering, creates a friendly yet confident image for the company. The unique design of the “F” in the logo, with its elongated bottom, adds an air of stability to the composition and reinforces the company’s devotion to producing high-quality medicines and vaccines.