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Off-White is a growing Italian brand of modern clothing. Despite being a relatively new brand, as well as a rather small production, they managed to win the hearts of many streetwear clothes fans all over the world. Most of their clothes are black-and-white, to match the aesthetic.

Meaning and History

The brand appeared in Milan in 2012. It was launched by one Virgil Abloh, an overall creative personality and an entrepreneur who decided to enter the market of streetwear clothes (which brought him success). The name ‘Off-White’ doesn’t really signify anything except the creator’s love for the white clothing.

What is Off-White?
Off-White is a fashion brand founded by Virgil Abloh in 2012. Known for its distinctively bold aesthetic and streetwear-inspired designs, Off-White has gained global recognition and popularity. The brand combines high fashion with urban culture, creating a unique and influential presence in the fashion industry.

2012 – today

Off-White Logo

The official emblem of the brand is just a plain writing ‘Off-White’ written with slight serif. Ultimately, it’s an ordinary writing style, and there’s nothing special about it, which could be intentional and a form of a message, but we’ll never know what it’s supposed to mean.

Emblem and Symbol

Off-White Emblem

The brand also has a symbol frequently used to identify the clothing made by the company. It depicts two double-ended arrows crossed in the middle – almost like an ‘X’ sign with arrowheads sticking from each tip. Again, it could be a message of omnipotence and unlimited opportunity, but it could as well not.