Most Famous Logos in Green

Green is a hue that symbolizes rejuvenation and growth. Its association with nature and the environment makes it a popular color choice in various company logos across various industries. The shades of green hold different meanings and interpretations, making it a versatile color.

In this article, we will take a closer look at the logos of globally renowned brands that incorporate the color green in their visual identities. From fresh and vibrant lime green to calming and earthy moss green, each brand has its unique explanation behind the usage of this color.

To provide a well-rounded overview, the brands featured in this article are listed in alphabetical order and cover a diverse range of industries.


Logo Acer

The bright shade of green in Acer’s wordmark symbolizes innovation, growth, and forward movement, reflecting the company’s mission to provide cutting-edge technology to its customers. The smooth, extended sans-serif typeface adds a modern and stylish touch to the nameplate, further emphasizing Acer’s commitment to excellence and modernity.


Logo Android

The Android logo features a green robot head with two white dots as eyes and two short diagonal antennas. The bright green color used in the logo gives off a friendly and playful vibe, which perfectly embodies the innovative and progressive nature of the brand. The logo is easily recognizable and has become synonymous with the world’s most popular mobile operating system.

British Petroleum

Logo BP

BP’s logo is characterized by its bright green and yellow colors, which make it easily recognizable worldwide. The logo features a stylized sunburst in yellow, white, and two shades of green, along with a simple lowercase “BP” lettering in a deep green hue. The design of the logo conveys a sense of strength and professionalism, showcasing British Petroleum as a major player in the oil and gas industry.


Logo Carlsberg

The Carlsberg logo features custom cursive lettering, with heavy letters and thick lines, all set in a single shade of green. The small graphical element above the “R” is also colored in the same hue. The simplicity of the color palette creates a high-end and professional look, exuding a sense of excellence in the brand of beer and brewery companies.

Green Lantern

Logo Green Lantern

The symbol of the Green Lantern is iconic and memorable, it represents the character as a powerful and confident defender of justice. The combination of green and white creates a strong contrast, emphasizing the boldness and bravery of the hero. The abstract geometric symbol in the center of the badge adds an element of mystery, making the Green Lantern stand out as a unique and intriguing superhero.


Logo Greenpeace

The logo of the environmental non-profit, Green Peace, is an embodiment of its mission and values. The uppercase lettering is executed in a bold custom sans-serif font. The bold green rounded lines of the lettering create a sense of connection and unity, reminding us of our origins and the need to protect and preserve the Earth.



The Halal logo is a symbol of assurance for Muslims that the product they are consuming is in line with their religious beliefs and practices. The dark green color used in the logo represents the deep connection of Islam to the color and evokes a sense of trust and reliability. The circular frame enclosing the two lines of lettering in white on a green background, makes the logo simple and easily recognizable, ensuring that Muslims can identify and trust products that carry the Halal logo.


Logo Heineken

The green color in Heineken’s visual identity is a symbol of the brand’s promise of freshness and rejuvenation. The green bottle and the medium green color of the logo, reminiscent of a lush shade of grass, both suggest the idea of nourishing and refreshing on a warm summer day. The logo itself features the iconic red star and a distinctive sans-serif inscription, both of which have become synonymous with the brand and its high-quality beer.

Holiday Inn

Logo Holiday Inn

Holiday Inn uses a light and fresh logo, composed of a handwritten capital “H” and an italicized title case inscription in a smooth, elegant typeface, both in the same shade of green. The color choice and the handwritten font create a warm and inviting impression, perfect for a hotel chain.


Logo iHerb

The logo of IHerb features a simple and minimalistic design, with the company name written in a bold sans-serif font. The text is set in a dark and calming shade of green, which represents the brand’s connection with nature and its focus on promoting health and wellness. The green color is also a symbol of quality and well-being, stressing the company’s goal to help its customers live better lives through its products and services.


Logo Jeep

The green color used in Jeep’s visual identity is indeed a khaki shade, which is often associated with military uniforms and vehicles. The wordmark is straightforward, featuring bold lettering in a modern sans-serif typeface with a title case format. The word is placed on a transparent background with no additional graphics. The simplicity of the logo gives it a clean, yet rugged look that reflects the reliability and strength of Jeep’s SUVs.

John Deere

Logo John Deere

The gradient green and yellow colors in the John Deere logo represent growth and success, symbolizing the company’s commitment to helping farmers and agricultural businesses thrive. The deer silhouette inside a squarish shape with rounded edges represents the company’s roots in rural America, while the modern sans-serif typeface of the nameplate below conveys a sense of reliability and innovation.


Logo Lacoste

The green crocodile symbol in the logo of Lacoste is a well-known icon in the fashion industry and is instantly recognizable. The use of a dark green color reflects the brand’s focus on quality and luxury in its clothing and accessories. The simple yet bold design of the logo makes it memorable and easily recognizable, further establishing Lacoste’s brand identity.

Land Rover

Logo Land Rover

The Land Rover logo features a classic green shade that is used in gradients for the background of the horizontally-oriented oval medallion. The green is accompanied by a light yellow shade that can be seen in a thin interior outline and the bold uppercase lettering, set in two levels in the center of the badge. The green represents the brand’s connection to nature and its ability to tackle rough terrains and tough conditions. The logo is simple and elegant, reflecting the company’s reputation for producing high-quality and dependable off-road vehicles.


Logo Mirinda

The green color in the Mirinda logo adds a touch of naturalness and freshness to the brand. The green leaf above the “I” in the diagonally oriented uppercase lettering creates a bright and confident image, contrasting nicely with the intense orange color of the drink. The green symbolizes the brand’s commitment to offering a drink that is not only delicious but also made from natural ingredients.


Logo Nvidia

NVIDIA is an American software developer and computer equipment producer with a unique abstract visual identity. Its logo features a stylized figure of an eye, drawn in a single swirling line, in green on a white background to the left, and in white on a solid green square to the right. This represents NVIDIA’s focus on graphics software.


Logo Pocketbook

The shade of green used by PocketBook for its logo is a unique and interesting choice. The dark sea-green color represents knowledge, wisdom, and creativity, while the simple and smooth inscription, designed in a full-rounded sans-serif typeface, adds a touch of confidence and elegance to the brand’s brand identity. The green shade, along with the stylized typeface, helps to position PocketBook as a company that is dedicated to bringing innovation and creativity to the world of e-book readers and accessories.


Logo Publix

Publix is an American supermarket chain offering groceries, pharmacies, real estate, event planning, and money services, all under its signature solid green color. Its logo features a bold white lowercase “P” on a solid green circle, with a stylized green sans-serif logotype beneath. The green color used in the Publix logo represents growth, health, and freshness, which are values that align with the company’s focus on providing fresh and quality products to its customers.


Logo RUF

The RUF logo is a modern and striking representation of the brand’s focus on producing high-performance sports cars. The dark green color used in the logo conveys a sense of stability, reliability, and elegance, while the stylized lettering adds a bold and progressive touch that speaks to the brand’s innovative approach to car manufacturing. The logo effectively captures the essence of RUF as a company and reflects its commitment to delivering exceptional sports cars to its customers.


Logo Shopify

The Shopify logo is indeed a straightforward design, which effectively represents the company’s mission to provide easy and accessible e-commerce solutions. The use of two shades of green for a bag adds depth to the logo, while the white letter “S” on it stands out, creating a bold and recognizable symbol. The overall design is modern, and professional, and conveys a sense of growth and success, making it a fitting representation of Shopify as a platform for online businesses.

Sony Ericsson

Logo Sony Ericsson

Sony Ericsson, a joint venture between Japanese electronics giant Sony and Swedish telecom company Ericsson, was a manufacturer of mobile phones with a futuristic and unique visual identity. Their logo features a light silver sphere with two cut-out elements in a glossy transparent green glass. The design is minimalist with no lettering, adding to its modern and elevated feel.


Logo Spotify

The Spotify logo is a simple yet impactful representation of the brand’s mission to bring music to the masses. The solid green circle symbolizes the vast and diverse library of music available to listeners on the platform, while the white lines within the circle suggest the endless flow of sound and rhythm. The Spotify logo effectively represents the company’s values and commitment to making music accessible to everyone.


Logo Sprite

Sprite is a soft beverage known for its green and yellow color scheme and its unique, bold lettering on its logo. The green color represents the fresh, lemon-lime flavor of the drink and the yellow (which has now been replaced with green) adds a touch of brightness and energy to the brand image.


Logo Starbuck

The Starbucks logo is iconic indeed, and its green and white color palette represents strength and quality. The white mermaid drawn over a solid green circle is a cozy mark of the quality of Starbucks drinks. As the company continues to expand globally, the green color symbolizes prosperity.

Tic Tac

Logo Tic Tac

The Tic Tac logo features a stylized green leaf and white lowercase lettering. The leaf is depicted as a horizontally oriented banner with gradient green and rounded or pointed corners. The upper right and bottom left corners are pointed, while the other two are rounded. Light green accents are added to the top part of the logo to add volume and motion. The visual identity represents the original mint flavor of the candies and conveys a sense of freshness and refreshment.


Logo Tropicana

Tropicana is a renowned brand known for its juicy and fruity drinks. Its logo boasts a simplistic green hue, featuring bold sans-serif lettering in a title case format. The shade of green grows progressively darker as one moves down the characters. To emphasize the green theme, the dot above the “I” is replaced with a leaf that extends horizontally, showcasing a similar gradient palette with shades darkening towards the top. Additionally, the horizontal bar of the “T” mimics the shape of the leaf.

Whole Foods

Logo Whole Foods

Whole Foods is a chain of eco-friendly and natural product supermarkets, evident in its green and white logo. The light green circle is accompanied by white lettering, with the word “Market” written in white and underlined. Additionally, a small white leaf emerges from the open contour of the letter “O” in the word “Whole”.

Wrigley’s Spearmint

Logo Wrigley's Spearmint

Wrigley’s Spearmint chewing gum boasts a logo with two shades of green, symbolizing the flavor of the product and creating a striking contrast with the scarlet-red hue of the bold sans-serif “Wrigley’s” inscription. The central element of the logo is a horizontally stretched banner with arrows on either end pointing in opposite directions, set in dark green with a light-green outline.


Logо Xbox

Xbox, a globally beloved video game console, boasts a solid green-and-white visual identity. Both the emblem and logotype are adorned in these colors, with the emblem depicting a dark green sphere with a white “X” cut out. The logotype features a lightweight sans-serif font, with the bar of the “B” elongated and stretched to the left. The green symbolizes progress and innovation, which aligns with the brand’s mission of delivering cutting-edge solutions for the console users.