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Movenpick stands as a testament to Swiss excellence in hospitality and cuisine. Ueli Prager, its visionary founder, established the brand. He envisioned a dining experience that mirrored the precision of Swiss watches. Switzerland became the birthplace of Movenpick, introducing a unique blend of culinary delight and hospitality.

Meaning and history

Movenpick Logo history

The Movenpick saga began in 1948, marking the inception of a Swiss icon in hospitality and culinary arts. Prager’s ambition was to offer meals as efficiently as a Swiss watch. By the 1960s, Movenpick expanded its horizon beyond restaurants, venturing into hotels. This period signified a pivotal expansion, embedding the Movenpick name in luxury and quality. The brand’s evolution continued, with significant milestones in the 1970s as it embraced the hotel industry, solidifying its reputation. Each date in Movenpick’s timeline marks a step towards a global presence, embodying Swiss heritage in every service and dish.

What is Movenpick?
Movenpick operates as a beacon of Swiss hospitality, blending gourmet cuisine with luxury accommodations. The brand excels in offering an exquisite dining experience, complemented by sophisticated hotels. With roots in Switzerland, Movenpick embodies the meticulousness and tradition of its origins, catering to those who appreciate the finer aspects of travel and dining.

Before 2003

Mövenpick Logo old

The Movenpick logo captures the essence of its Swiss roots in vibrant tones. A red and yellow palette dominates, with Mövenpick written in playful, rounded letters that exude warmth and welcome. Above, a stylized seagull in flight, rendered in red, yellow, and blue, adds a sense of freedom and exploration. This bird, mid-flight, suggests the brand’s reach and ambition. The logo radiates a sense of joy, the pleasure of discovery, and the richness of flavors and experiences that Movenpick offers to its patrons.

2003 – 2016

Mövenpick Logo 2003

In this iteration of the Movenpick logo, simplicity and elegance take center stage. The brand’s name appears in a bold, red sans-serif font, commanding attention. Above, the seagull has undergone a transformation to a minimalist, abstract form. Colored in a soft, golden hue, it evokes a sense of serene luxury. This logo speaks to modernity and refinement, embracing a less is more philosophy while maintaining the brand’s connection to its heritage.

2016 – Today

Mövenpick Logo

The latest logo rendition maintains Movenpick’s iconic red, a symbol of its rich heritage. The seagull, now a sleek, gold curve, suggests movement and grace. The bird, once detailed, has been abstracted to a single elegant swoop, reinforcing the brand’s evolution towards a contemporary, yet timeless identity. This logo marries tradition with modern simplicity, echoing the brand’s commitment to staying current while honoring its past.