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Nando’s is a South African restaurant chain known for its Portuguese-African fusion cuisine, specializing in flame-grilled peri-peri style chicken. Established in 1987 in Johannesburg, it has gained global popularity with a presence in over 30 countries. The brand is recognized for its casual dining atmosphere, spicy marinades, and variety of chicken dishes, including wings, thighs, and whole chickens, along with vegetarian options. Nando’s distinct flavor comes from its peri-peri chili, a key ingredient in its sauces, which range from mild to very hot. The chain also emphasizes sustainability and community-focused initiatives.

Meaning and history

Nando's Logo history

Nando’s, a globally recognized restaurant chain, originated in 1987 in Johannesburg, South Africa, founded by Fernando Duarte and Robert Brozin. The duo was inspired by a Portuguese-Mozambican eatery famed for its peri-peri chicken. Their first restaurant, named “Chickenland”, was rebranded as “Nando’s” after Duarte’s son. The brand’s distinctive feature is its Portuguese-style flame-grilled chicken infused with African peri-peri chili.

The 1990s marked Nando’s rapid expansion within South Africa, followed by international growth. By 1997, it had over 100 outlets in South Africa and 20 internationally. Nando’s entered the UK market in 1992, becoming a cultural phenomenon. The UK expansion was pivotal, establishing Nando’s as a global brand.

In the early 2000s, Nando’s continued its global outreach, entering markets like Australia and Canada. Its strategy involved adapting to local tastes while maintaining its core peri-peri flavor. This period also saw Nando’s emphasizing sustainability and ethical sourcing, particularly in its chicken supply chain.

The mid-2000s to 2010s witnessed Nando’s solidifying its global presence, with over 1,000 outlets in dozens of countries. It maintained consistency in branding and product quality, despite varying ownership structures across regions. Nando’s restaurants operate through a mix of company-owned and franchised outlets, with local partners often holding franchising rights.

In recent years, Nando’s has adapted to changing consumer preferences by introducing more vegetarian and health-conscious options. The brand has also embraced digital innovation, enhancing its delivery and online ordering systems, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic, which necessitated a shift towards takeout and delivery services.

Nando’s unique cultural footprint, marked by its Afro-Portuguese heritage, quirky advertising, and community engagement, has helped it remain a popular dining choice. The company’s commitment to social responsibility, evident in its sustainability efforts and community projects, continues to be a significant aspect of its evolving story.

What is Nando’s ?
Nando’s is a South African restaurant chain specializing in Portuguese-African cuisine, particularly known for its flame-grilled peri-peri style chicken. It has grown into a global brand with a presence in over 30 countries. Renowned for its unique flavors and casual dining atmosphere, Nando’s combines culinary tradition with a modern dining experience.

1991 – 1998

Nandos Logo 1991

The logo features a stylized rooster in profile, which is an iconic symbol known as the Barcelos Rooster from Portuguese folklore, believed to bring good luck. The rooster is predominantly black with a vivid red comb and beak, contrasting with spots of the same red on its tail. Beneath it, the name “Nando’s” is written in a bold, friendly red script. The rooster stands above a heart-shaped form, suggesting a connection with love or passion, for the food or the culture the brand represents. This distinctive emblem embodies the restaurant’s Afro-Portuguese heritage and its focus on fiery peri-peri flavor.

1998 – 2016

Nandos Logo 1998

This iteration of the Nando’s logo maintains the iconic black rooster with a vibrant red comb and dotted tail, set against a large red heart, symbolizing passion. The brand name “Nando’s” is in a playful, bold red font, flanked by green chilli leaves, reflecting the peri-peri spice integral to its cuisine. Compared to the previous logo, these leaves add a fresh visual element, reinforcing the brand’s connection to natural, spicy ingredients. Both logos emphasize the brand’s Afro-Portuguese roots and its commitment to flavor.

2016 – Today

Nandos Logo

The logo displays a whimsical black rooster with a prominent red comb and spotty tail, signifying the brand’s Portuguese-African roots. A heart shape is integrated into the rooster’s body, hinting at the passion behind their cuisine. The “Nando’s” name is in a playful, yet bold red font. This logo simplifies the previous version by omitting the green chili leaves, focusing on the rooster and the name, which streamlines the brand’s image while maintaining its essential character.