Space Force Logo

Space Force is a Netflix TV comedy drama show about a group of people tasked to establish United States Space Force. It follows to the efforts of General Mark Naird to get “boots on the moon” by 2024, per the president’s orders. T
he first season was released on May 29, 2020 and made a huge hype on the Internet. However, on estimates aggregator Rotten Tomatoes the show has an approval of 38% based on 95 reviews.

Meaning and history

The Logo represents the essence of both army and space. Cold, hard and strict style of writing refers us to Star Track, the logo of which the authors obviously were inspired from. It was used in both first and second seasons.

2020 – today

Space Force Logo

The logo does not have any markers, icons or others, except the line between two words and the spaceship in the word ‘Space’. All posters describe the characters under the logo, as if the authors want to say: ‘Nowhere to go but Up’
On the logo of the show we can see the two big white wards ‘Space’ and ‘Force’ on the background of the surface of the moon. Between them there is a line, which not only makes emblem look more serious, but also has a function of border. The letter ‘A’ in the word ‘Space’ has got a little spaceship in it, making a little bit of symbolism.

The name and design of the series didn’t change either in the season 1, nor in the season 2, so this is the first and the last version of logo for now.

Emblem and Symbol

The two words were generally always white, with a spacecraft in it, although it can change colors and design. Usually, the text has got the same color. Any icons, symbols, emblems are not used at all except a little spaceship.