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St. John’s Red Storm is the name of the athletic teams at St. John’s University, located in New York City. The university created these teams to participate in various collegiate sports. The name “Red Storm” specifically represents the university’s spirit and competitive energy.

Meaning and history

St Jhns Red Storm Logo history

The St. John’s Red Storm was established as the athletic identity of St. John’s University in 1994. Before 1994, the teams were known as the “Redmen”, a name changed to better reflect modern sensibilities and inclusivity. The renaming was part of a broader movement within the university to update its image and promote a more inclusive environment. Over the years, St. John’s has been a powerhouse in college basketball, with significant success particularly in the mid-20th century. They chose “Red Storm” to symbolize the dynamic and powerful nature of their teams.

What is St. John’s Red Storm?
The St. John’s Red Storm refers to the athletic teams of St. John’s University in New York. These teams compete in NCAA Division I sports. The name embodies their fierce and energetic competition style.

1950 – 1965

St. Johns Red Storm Logo 1950

The logo features bold, capitalized lettering of “ST. JOHN’S” arranged on two lines. Beneath it, the word “Redmen”, hints at historical identity, in a fluid script. The text color is a vivid red, symbolizing energy and passion. A basketball graphic forms the backdrop for the script, connecting the brand to the sport. The overall design is simple yet assertive, with a vintage feel that nods to tradition.

1965 – 1974

St. Johns Red Storm Logo 1965

In this evolved logo, “ST” sits above “REDMEN,” creating a tower of text in sturdy red lettering. The letters’ thick, shadowed outlines add depth. The “J”, representing the university, anchors the design in a solid, horseshoe shape. “ST. JOHN’S U.” is inscribed within it, reaffirming the institution’s identity. The design’s overall look is more pronounced and structured, reflecting a refined brand image. The trademark symbol subtly indicates its official status.

1974 – 1988

St. Johns Red Storm Logo 1974

The logo adds dynamism with a Native American mascot, embodying the “Redmen” moniker. Clad in traditional attire, he’s in motion, suggesting athleticism. The mascot, perched within the “J”, is detailed and animated, contrasting with the simpler text. “ST” and “John’s” flank the figure, their blocky forms shadowed for a 3D effect. The overall design integrates mascot and text, uniting under the St. John’s brand. It’s a richer, more narrative-driven emblem.

1988 – 1994

St. Johns Red Storm Logo 1988

This logo streamlines to bold simplicity, shedding the mascot. “S”, “J” and “U” bookend the design in blue, framing “Redmen” in red. The text is sans-serif, sleek, and modern. The color swap to blue for “S” , “J” and “U” adds contrast, breaking from the red tradition. The logo’s symmetry draws the eye inward, highlighting “Redmen”. It’s a minimalist shift, focusing on the name over imagery. This design embraces a more abstract, less literal approach to team identity.

1994 – 2003

St. Johns Red Storm Logo 1994

This vibrant logo marks a complete rebranding from “Redmen” to “Red Storm.” The circular emblem is dynamic, with “ST. JOHN’S UNIVERSITY” framing the top. The words “RED STORM” are prominent in bold, italicized font, suggesting motion and energy. A stylized lightning bolt adds impact, symbolizing the team’s power and speed. “NEW YORK” anchors the design, highlighting the university’s location. The color palette has expanded to include navy blue, enhancing the logo’s visual appeal. The new design is a significant departure, emphasizing modernity and strength.

2003 – 2006

St. Johns Red Storm Logo 2003

The logo transitions to a textual representation, focusing on “St. John’s” in serif lettering. Red and navy hues create a bold contrast, emphasizing the university’s colors. The design forsakes imagery for a clean, academic look, with each letter interconnected, suggesting unity. The typography is strong and pronounced, with subtle shadows for depth. It’s a departure from thematic elements, favoring a straightforward and classic collegiate style. This change reflects a mature, institutional brand identity.

2006 – 2015

St. Johns Red Storm Logo 2006

This logo distills the essence to “SJ”, intertwining the letters in a sleek, fluid design. The red remains, now accented by a sharp black outline, which sharpens the visual impact. The form is compact and modern, a symbol that conveys the initials with graphical flair. The design’s economy of space speaks to a minimalist trend, favoring boldness and clarity over complexity. This emblem is a statement of contemporary identity, encapsulating the school’s initials in a stylized manner.

2015 – Today

St. Johns Red Storm logo

In this logo, the letters “S” and “J” intertwine in a flowing, continuous form, with the “S” arching over the “J”. The primary color is a rich red, signifying passion and energy. Contrasting with the red, a deep navy blue outlines the figures, softening the visual impact and adding a subtle layer of sophistication. The design is bold and minimalist, making a strong statement with just two letters. The absence of additional elements or embellishments emphasizes the focus on the university’s initials, presenting a crisp and contemporary identity. The choice of navy over black for the outline reflects a nuanced evolution in the brand’s palette.