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Stars Coffee is a coffee shop chain established to fill the market void left by Starbucks in Russia. Arkady Novikov and Anton Pinskiy created it. They launched it in Moscow. The founders aimed to provide a familiar yet distinctly local coffee experience.

Meaning and History

Stars Coffee Logo history

Stars Coffee was inaugurated in 2022 after Starbucks ceased its Russian operations due to political reasons. The brand’s creation was part of a broader trend where local entrepreneurs rebranded former Starbucks locations, maintaining a similar service style but under a new, local identity. This initiative quickly followed Starbucks’ exit announcement in May 2022, with the first Stars Coffee opening shortly thereafter. The new brand mirrored the former’s logo style and interior design, subtly nodding to its predecessor while establishing its unique branding elements.

What is Stars Coffee?
Stars Coffee is a Russian coffee chain that succeeded Starbuck’s departure from Russia. It aims to offer a coffee shop experience with a local twist. The brand preserves a service style similar to its predecessor but under a distinctly Russian identity.

2007 – 2011

Stars Coffee Logo 2007

The logo features a two-tone circular design with a white siren at the center. She has a star on her forehead, and her hair flows like waves. Surrounding her, two stars flank the company name in bold, white lettering on a green backdrop. The outer ring of the emblem bears the full brand name in white block letters against the same green hue, creating a striking contrast. This emblem serves as a beacon for coffee enthusiasts, symbolizing warmth and welcome.

2011 – 2022

Stars Coffee Logo 2011

This iteration of the logo presents a symmetrical oval shape, encapsulating the iconic siren. The star atop her head remains prominent, signifying excellence. Stripped of external text, the focus intensifies on the siren, the heart of the brand. The white and green color scheme persists, ensuring brand recognition and continuity. This emblem represents the evolution of the brand with a modern, simplified elegance.

2022 – Today

Stars Coffee Logo

This emblem reveals a transition from prior designs, adopting a brown and teal palette. The central siren smiles, star radiantly positioned above. “STARS COFFEE” encircles her, text white against the brown. The seal-like outline conveys classic coffeehouse charm. This rebranding reflects heritage and modernity, catering to contemporary tastes while honoring traditional café culture. It’s a fresh visual identity for a beloved ritual: enjoying a cup of coffee.