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Tim Hortons Inc., a Canadian multinational establishment, primarily operates as a coffeehouse and restaurant chain. Founded in Hamilton, Ontario in 1964 by Canadian hockey player Tim Horton, the company has grown to become Canada’s largest quick-service restaurant chain.  Known affectionately as Tim’s or Timmie’s, its offerings extend beyond coffee to include donuts, sandwiches, and a variety of fast-food items​​. The company is a subsidiary with an active status, headquartered in Toronto, Canada, and as of the fiscal year 2021, it reported a revenue of $3.3 billion​​.

Meaning and history

Tim Hortons Logo history

The origins of Tim Hortons date back to 1964 when Tim Horton, a defenseman for the Toronto Maple Leafs, partnered with Montréal businessman Jim Charade to open the first franchise in Hamilton, Ontario​​. Later, in 1967, investor Ron Joyce joined the enterprise, taking over its operations and steering it toward becoming a multi-million dollar franchise​​. The brand has become emblematic of Canada’s national identity, associated with its coffee and doughnuts, and known for its role in community building​​. As of the latest data, Tim Hortons maintains a significant presence not just within Canada but also internationally, with thousands of locations serving millions of customers daily​​. Its continuous expansion and sustained financial success highlight its current robust position in the global quick-service restaurant sector​​.

1964 – 1985

Tim Hortons Logo 1964

The logo depicted is a vintage design featuring a central oval with a sketch of two doughnuts, one atop the other, rendered in a hand-drawn style. Above the doughnuts, the name “Tim Horton” is written in a slanted, script typeface, suggesting a personal touch, likely a nod to the company’s namesake founder. The doughnuts and name are set against a cream-colored background, which is encased in a yellow banner-like shape with a stylized, checkered border. Below this central oval, the word “DONUTS” is prominently displayed in bold, capitalized letters within a yellow ellipse with a similar checkered pattern. The overall color palette consists of warm tones of yellow, red, and brown against a white backdrop, which evokes a sense of nostalgia and homeliness, reminiscent of the brand’s origins in the 1960s.

1985 – 1991

Tim Hortons Logo 1985

The logo is a graphical marque consisting of two primary elements: the brand name and a slogan. The name “Tim Hortons” is displayed in a cursive, italicized red font that conveys a sense of casual elegance and warmth. Below it, “ALWAYS FRESH” is stated in bold, capital letters inside a yellow oval, emphasizing the brand’s commitment to freshness. The two elements are layered over a brown-striped white ellipse that frames the text. In contrast to the previous logo which featured doughnuts, this iteration focuses on the brand’s name and freshness pledge. It’s simpler and more direct, with the yellow and brown colors possibly alluding to coffee and baked goods, the mainstays of the Tim Hortons menu. The registered trademark symbol indicates the logo’s official status.

1987 – 1990

Tim Horton Logo 1987

This logo features the brand name “Tim Horton” in a fluid, cursive script that exudes a friendly and inviting feel. The red hue is vibrant and energetic, drawing attention and suggesting a warm ambiance. This design is minimalist and focused solely on the brand name without additional graphics or slogans, unlike the previous logo which included the phrase “ALWAYS FRESH” and decorative elements. The simplicity of this logo reflects a modern shift towards sleek and streamlined branding, emphasizing the personal connection to the company’s namesake without the need for further embellishment.


Tim Hortons Logo 1990

This rendition of the Tim Hortons logo maintains the cursive, flowing script of its predecessor, but with the complete brand name “Tim Hortons” included. The signature red color remains, symbolizing warmth and vibrancy. This version, compared to the previous one, seems to have slightly thicker lettering and a more pronounced slant, giving it a dynamic and forward-moving appearance. The omission of any additional graphics or text places full emphasis on the brand name, suggesting a confident brand identity that relies on name recognition alone. This logo epitomizes a modern and clean design, indicative of the brand’s evolution and its focus on simplicity and recognition.

1990 – 2015

This logo retains the characteristic cursive script of the Tim Hortons brand, presented in a rich red color. Upon comparison with the previous logo, the design appears largely unchanged, suggesting a strong brand consistency. The use of the red color continues to evoke warmth and energy, which is aligned with the brand’s identity. The script is smooth and flowing, indicating a friendly and welcoming atmosphere which the coffee chain is known for. The consistency in design from one logo to the next signifies a commitment to brand recognition and customer familiarity.

2014 – 2018

Tim Hortons Logo 2014

The logo displays the name “Tim Hortons” in a stylized cursive script. The color remains a consistent red, symbolizing the brand’s warmth and vitality. Compared to the previous logos, this design continues the trend of a clean and minimalistic approach, focusing entirely on the brand’s name without additional embellishments. The font style appears largely unchanged, maintaining the familiar and inviting feeling that the brand is known for. The red hue and cursive font reflect the brand’s heritage and its standing as a welcoming establishment in the coffee and fast-food industry.

2018 – Today

Tim Hortons Logo

The logo presents the name “Tim Hortons” in a recognizable cursive script with a deep red tone. This particular rendition remains true to the brand’s visual identity, mirroring previous logos in its continuity of font style and color. The design maintains a consistent brand message with its unfaltering look. The script is elegant yet approachable, a signature aspect of Tim Hortons’ branding, inviting patrons to experience the warmth and community that the coffee chain stands for. The steady use of this logo across different iterations reflects a brand that values tradition and customer recognition.