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Supergirl shines as a symbol of hope and valor. Otto Binder and Al Plastino, a duo of creative minds, birthed her in the USA. They envisioned her as a beacon of strength and kindness. Created for the purpose of inspiring millions, she embodies the virtues of courage and compassion. Her creation stands as a testament to timeless heroism, engaging audiences across generations.

Meaning and history

Supergirl Logo history

The creation of Supergirl dates back to 1959. Over the years, her narrative has evolved, marking significant milestones in her journey. In 1985, the “Crisis on Infinite Earths” storyline redefined her role, showcasing her sacrifice and bravery. The 2000s brought a fresh perspective, reviving her character with new dimensions and stories. Each era of Supergirl reflects a commitment to growth and the portrayal of resilience. Through her history, Supergirl remains an emblem of hope, continuously adapting yet staying true to her core values.

What is Supergirl?
Supergirl is a superheroine from the DC Comics universe. She hails from Krypton, Superman’s home planet, sharing his extraordinary abilities. As a character, she symbolizes resilience, kindness, and the relentless pursuit of justice. Her stories inspire readers to find their inner strength and stand up for what is right.

1959 – 1985

Supergirl Logo 1959

The emblem presented is iconic, bursting with a striking red backdrop. Its bold contours encase a stylized ‘S’, rendered in a vivid yellow. The ‘S’ features a sleek design, with sharp angles and dynamic curves that suggest motion and strength. A shadow effect subtly graces the lower part of the ‘S’, giving the impression of depth and prominence. This emblem is synonymous with a legacy of heroism, symbolizing the unyielding spirit of the heroine it represents. The simplicity of the color scheme – red and yellow – contrasts powerfully, creating a visual anchor for the eyes. It’s a symbol known worldwide, encapsulating the essence of courage and justice.


Supergirl Logo 1988

This emblem maintains the iconic red and yellow palette but introduces a fresh outline. The ‘S’ now appears bolder, with enhanced curves that add a touch of elegance and flow. A noticeable change is the refined edging of the ‘S’, with smoother transitions giving a modern feel. The emblem’s perimeter is sharper, more defined, encapsulating the ‘S’ with pronounced precision. This evolution in design speaks to a blend of tradition and contemporary flair, symbolizing an enduring legacy that adapts with time. It’s a more polished take on a classic symbol, suggesting a forward-looking vision while honoring its origins.

1988 – 1996

Supergirl Logo 19881

This rendition of the emblem radiates a three-dimensional quality with its beveled edges and shadows. The ‘S’ stands out with pronounced depth, its yellow hue glowing more intensely against the red. Small black accents notch the ‘S’, accentuating its iconic shape. The red shield’s borders are tapered, creating an illusion of sharpness and precision. This design speaks to a modern aesthetic, with its dynamic shadows adding a layer of sophistication. It’s a bolder statement, merging classic imagery with contemporary graphic techniques, resulting in a symbol that leaps out visually, much like the heroine it represents.

1996 – 2011

Supergirl Logo 1996

The latest emblem evolution subtly tweaks its predecessor’s form. The ‘S’ now sports a more pronounced serpentine shape, its lines flowing with added flair. The black outlines have vanished, allowing the red to mesh seamlessly with the yellow, forging a stronger, cleaner look. A new, small yellow triangle accents the ‘S’, infusing a novel graphic element. Overall, the shield’s form appears more aerodynamic, its tip sharper, cutting a more aggressive profile. This emblem revision illustrates a refined aesthetic, where minimal changes craft a significant visual impact. It conveys a sense of streamlined modernity, while the vibrant colors continue to exude the emblem’s enduring energy and spirit.

2004 – 2011

Supergirl Logo 2004

In this latest iteration, the shield’s red deepens, providing a vivid contrast to the bright yellow ‘S’. The emblem’s overall shape is sleeker, and the ‘S’ within it now occupies more space, its bold presence undeniable. Gone are the previous version’s yellow accent and the ‘S’ gains thickness around its middle, enhancing visibility and impact. The shield’s sharper tip and more angular design evoke a sense of forward momentum. This emblem’s transformation signals a modern era, where visual potency and clarity take center stage, echoing the character’s renewed energy in the narratives.

2011 – 2016

Supergirl Logo 2011

The current emblem showcases a bold reimagining of its form. The ‘S’ now slices through the shield with angular momentum, its edges sharp and assertive. The red of the shield flares out with jagged edges, suggesting a more dynamic and aggressive presence. Yellow fills the ‘S’, more fragmented than before, creating a stark contrast with the red. This design breaks away from the smooth curves of the past, opting for a fragmented approach that conveys a sense of energy and modernity. It’s a stark departure from the traditional, signaling a contemporary chapter in the emblem’s storied evolution.

2016 – Today

Supergirl Logo

The latest emblem elevates to a three-dimensional masterpiece, its colors richer, with a metallic sheen that exudes luxury. The ‘S’ emerges in a royal blue, cradled by gold trimming that enhances its nobility. Its contours dive inward, creating an illusion of depth that draws the eye. The red of the shield now has a subtle texture, suggesting a tactile, fabric-like quality. Gold accents at the emblem’s crest and base add a regal touch. The overall effect is one of depth and sophistication, a far cry from the flat designs of yore. This emblem, with its reflective surfaces and intricate shading, feels alive, as if it’s about to leap off the canvas.