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Suzuki is a famous Japanese company that produces wonderful cars and motorcycles. The list also includes commercial vehicles, engines, and parts. Although Suzuki is not a leading brand, it is still a major global manufacturer and its products have been recognized in close to 200 countries across the world. To mark an anniversary, the company opened the Suzuki museum in Tokyo.

Meaning and History

Suzuki Logo history

After the manufacturer did not fix his bike back in 1909, Michio Suzuki started a business that focused on quality and reliability. It was known as Suzuki Loom Works until 1920, then as Suzuki Loom Manufacturing Co. Large-scale success making looms allowed the company to consider joining the automotive industry. The turning point happened in 1937. Due to war, it returned to loom production for some period. Since 1954, Suzuki Motor Co. was its new name. The first car rolled off the line that very year. From a small group of talented loom engineers, Suzuki has grown into a global company.

What is Suzuki?
Suzuki is a Japanese company specializing in the production of small and compact off-road vehicles. Automobile production has not always been its main activity. After World Word, though, the company began to successfully develop in the automobile, as well as motorcycle markets.

1909 – 1958

Suzuki Logo 1909

The name of the company was written using a bold, sans-serif font of black color. However, the most eye-catching element of this logo was the letter “S” behind the name. It was formed from two inverted birds or rather their heads and wings.

1958 – Today

Suzuki Logo

The logo consisted of an emblem, which was a stylized, symmetrical letter “S”. It combined smooth curves and straight lines and featured pointed ends. This emblem formed a diamond shape. The name underneath looked bold thanks to the thick lines and closely spaced all uppercase sans-serif letters. The whole emblem was done in bold red and blue, enhancing the grand look of the Suzuki logo. A blue color balanced out the red and added a feeling of stability and trustworthiness.

Font and Color

Suzuki Emblem

The company used the same font since its foundation. It is Helvetica Neue Extended Black. The only difference between the original one and the second version is that the letters have been stretched out slightly horizontally. The original black color made the brand image look timeless, formal, and elegant. The introduction of red added more energy and strength to the logo, while the blue color implied stability and trust.