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One of the noteworthy start-ups in Silicon Valley is Tesla Motors Ltd, a company that builds new green electric vehicles. Its first sports car, Tesla Roadster was sold from early 2008 until 2012. A new Tesla S model, which had serious improvements in the design and technical parts, followed soon. In 2013, the car received the prestigious Motor Trend Car of the Year award. Although the brand does not make any net profit, it strives to show the world that economical and green cars do not have to cost a fortune.

Meaning and History

On July 1, 2003, Tesla Motors was officially formed by Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning founded Tesla Motors to commercialize the lithium-ion battery-powered electric cars with the induction engine already tested on the Tzero. Elon Musk invested in Tesla Motors and became chairman of the board of directors. The deal turned 31-year-old Elon Musk into a wealthy businessman and promising investor. In 2008, the first model of the Tesla brand, the Tesla Roadster, was launched on manufacturing lines. The Tesla Motors car brand is named after the great physicist and inventor Nikola Tesla, who developed an asynchronous AC engine.

What is Tesla?
The American company Tesla Motors is engaged in making vehicles and homes effectively use sustainable, renewable energy sources. Tesla electric cars are sold on the American market, in China, and in European countries.

2003 – Today

Tesla Logo

The Tesla car brand logo is both simple and incredibly creative. The Tesla logo features a stylized letter “T”, which stands for the company’s name. It also resembles a section of an electric motor that was designed by Nikola Tesla.  Under the emblem, there is the word “Tesla”, which is done in a custom font that has rounded ends and straight corners. The red color used for the emblem is associated with the energy, innovation, and creativity that the brand is known for.

Font and Color

Since Tesla used only one logo, the color palette and typeface have stayed unchanged. The emblem is typically depicted in red, although a combination of black and silver can also be seen. The font is quite unique. It is designed by Dies and has most of the ends rounded, but only partially. The corners and lines are straight. The letter “E” does not have a vertical line and “A” is also missing a portion of the vertical lines at the top.