UVA Logo

UVA stands for the University of Virginia, a rather old establishment founded in the year 1819 in Virginia by Thomas Jefferson. It was the first university that taught disciplines such as architecture, astronomy and philosophy and others, while also being the main varsity for the sprawling nation.

Meaning and History

The university was founded by Thomas Jefferson in 1819 as the main educational establishment for a growing country. It’s located near Charlottesville – an old city in the state of Virginia. It’s still considered one of the most prestigious and productive universities for liberal arts in the country.

What is UVA?
The University of Virginia is a renowned public research university located in Charlottesville, Virginia, USA. It offers a wide range of academic programs across various disciplines and is known for its excellence in education, research, and public service.

2012 – Today

UVA Logo

As many other universities, UVA in the start used its black and white seal as a logotype. But as the time passed, the university established a new logo – an orange-colored building of campus (the iconic Rotunda).

On the logo, it’s drawn as an orange structure with many white lines and 13 stars, depicted in a semi-circle. Right next to it you would usually find the blue inscription made in the elegant serif font. While most of the letters are classic serif, the preposition ‘of’ is written in Italic – for contrast, no doubt.

Emblem and Symbol

UVA Emblem

Obviously, the university had a seal for the longest time (and still does). The university’s seal represents the statue of Virginia, and the year when the university was founded. Along the boards of the circular seal, there is the inscription ‘University of Virginia’. This mark is not in use today, except for some official documents.