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The Wyoming Cowboys are a sports team representing the University of Wyoming. They compete in NCAA Division I athletics as part of the Mountain West Conference. A faculty member founded the team in Laramie, Wyoming, to promote sports among students. The team includes multiple sports, but is renowned for its football program.

Meaning and history

Wyoming Cowboys Logo history

The Wyoming Cowboys were established in 1893, focusing initially on collegiate football. Over the decades, the team expanded to include other sports such as basketball and wrestling. The year 1934 marked their transition to the Mountain States Conference, enhancing their competition profile. In 1999, they became a charter member of the Mountain West Conference. The team’s history reflects a commitment to athletic excellence and student development.

What is Wyoming Cowboys?
The Wyoming Cowboys are the athletic teams of the University of Wyoming. They participate in various sports but are best known for football. The team symbolizes both the competitive spirit and the historical values of Wyoming.

1988 – 2007

Wyoming Cowboys Logo 1988

The logo depicts a dynamic silhouette of a bucking bronco with a rider. The rider, with one hand flung high, holds a hat, signaling classic western bravado. The horse’s mane and tail are detailed, conveying movement and wild spirit. This emblem captures the essence of the frontier and rodeo heritage. The entire image is in a monochrome brown shade, symbolizing earthiness and resilience. The registered trademark symbol ensures its authenticity.

2007 – 2022

Wyoming Cowboys Logo 2007

This logo variant introduces a striking golden outline, adding depth and vibrance to the bronco and rider motif. The golden hue enhances the silhouette, symbolizing triumph and pride. It still features the iconic hat-waving cowboy atop the wild horse. This design evolution brings a modern flair while honoring the timeless spirit of the Wyoming Cowboys.

2022 – Today

Wyoming Cowboys Logo

The logo retains its core design but now boasts a bold golden outline. This contouring lends the image a 3D effect, making the bronco and rider pop. The golden edge symbolizes excellence and vibrancy, enhancing the brown silhouette. The logo merges tradition with a fresh, contemporary edge. The rider’s hat remains a standout element, epitomizing the cowboy spirit.